How to Grow Your Small Legal Business in 2022

Being a small legal firm means that you’ve got two things on your mind. The first is that you want to keep your current level of business, clients, and income coming in. However, you also want to focus on growth so you can reach more clients and gain additional income.

Grow Your Small Legal Business

But stability is often easier than growth, and many small legal firms need a plan before they go looking towards expansion, but this is what we are here for. This article is going to show you the best ways to grow your small legal business in 2022, and the best ways to keep your growth consistent as well.

1. Figure Out What Will Kick Start Growth

Does your firm need to focus on improving its social media presence? Does it need to focus on maintaining relationships with the happy and satisfied customers that it has developed? Does it need to focus on putting money towards a larger office space or an expansion of what the business can do?

Your firm might be stuck in a rut of doing the mundane and everyday tasks that the firm needs to do to stay afloat, but they aren’t focusing on what will lead to growth. As a leader of your firm, you need to know what non-profitable tasks to delegate and what profitable tasks you need to take on for the firm’s growth.

By devoting some time a day to managing and completing these tasks that will improve the growth of the legal business, you will notice some extreme growth over the next few months.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Hire New Staff

Of course, growth isn’t just new clients and new workloads and expanding your niche of cases that you take on, but it is also introducing some new faces to your normal team. If you find yourself turning down work or feeling that the quality of your service is suffering because you simply don’t have enough hands to complete all the work that needs to be done, then start the hiring process.

Take your time and make a confident hire for whatever jobs you need in your legal business, and once the friction of adding a new hire to your team and getting them up to speed has been completed, then you can rest assured that your business is growing and what you can do as a legal firm is growing too.

3. Take Advantage Of Technology

While robots and impartial computer judges ruled by logic haven’t taken over the courtroom yet, that doesn’t mean that your law firm can afford to fall behind in the world of technology. The power of AI and automation can help to reduce the minutia and tedium that can come with several tasks around the legal business and can free up your team members to work on much more important tasks.

The time you save from becoming more understanding of what technology can do for a small legal firm will almost be worth its weight in gold as you find fewer mistakes, more efficiency, and consistent results free from human errors.

Plus, AI can even help your firm create and implement a law firm marketing strategy that will help you bring in even more customers!

Look To 2022 For Growth

No matter what your growth goals are in 2022, your small legal firm already knows what it needs to do to start growing. You just need to outline a plan, take the time to get the work done, and be okay with embracing growth and all the responsibility that comes with it in 2022.