How harmful are Ants as Pests? Find out more!

One of the commonest sights homeowners face are ants coming in a trail in their homes, gardens and even around their food hampers and baskets in a picnic! Many would regard these tiny elements as harmless on the contrary they come with a good amount of infection and can cause damage to property and disruptions to human health. Ask any specialist Pest Control Werribee services and they would point out Ant pest control is an integral part of their overall pest control program.

Ants leave behind certain chemical traces in their movements around the house which in turn attracts in other insects and pests like spiders and cockroaches thereby doubling your problems. Pest Control Reservoir service providers would advise you on not to take ants lightly as they spoil carpets, furnishings, curtains from the debris left by their activity and they cause stains from their nests.

There are around 3000 species of ants in Australia. Many affect concrete, paved and grassy patches as they dig and many species also cause bites in humans. Let’s take a peek into the damage caused by ants.

Dangers to your health and homes from ants

People are aware of termite and bed bugs infestation and the harm they can do but it is good to be aware of the dangers posed by ant attacks.

Dangers to Homes

Some species of ants like Carpenter ants make nests in hollows and moist wood that is soft and facing rot. They tunnel through these woods and cause severe damage. Since their infestation happens from within windows and door frames, hidden inside walls, porches, decks and wooden topped surfaces, it is difficult to spot them. If you spot wood shavings beneath a surface of wood, there is an ant infestation. Also when these ants make tunnels, you might hear a slight rustling noise from inside walls. To prevent further damage, call in Pest Control Reservoir expert services.

Dangers to your health

Ants pose health risks to humans. They can also bite using their mandibles to pierce skin causing rashes, redness, pain, though they subside. But proper care of skin will ensure that no infection or irritation increases. But like bees some ants like stinger ants do not bite but leave venom filled stings that are extremely painful. Some ant stings of those like fire ants may give rise to swelling and pain around the sting mark. The venom might give rise to nausea, diarrhoea, chest pain, dizziness and stomach cramps if serious.  The venom in some cases causes allergic reactions that give breathing difficulty with swelling in the throat. So one should take precaution the moment you spot these ants as they build colonies. Aside from ants carrying bacteria that are already in your residence, they also give rise to other food borne diseases like clostridium, salmonella, E. Coli, shigella to name a few.

Attract other pests

Ants form an important part of the food chain and they form food for other pests. So the presence of ants brings in other pests inside homes. Spiders particularly certain species like black widow and brown recluse spider feed on ants. Also ants are an attractive food for many blood sucking bats who feed on insects, ants included.

Risk to Pets

Some species of ants like Fire ants are health risks to your pets. So it’s advisable to keep cats and dogs safe from any anthill. The ant’s sting and usually it is not severe unless the pets get stung by a large population, then it’s advisable to call in a vet for your pets and a professional pest control for your home and yards.

Ant cause damage to electric wires

In external areas of homes like landscaped lawns ants can cause havoc disturbing roots, unearthing soil as they build anthills in your gardens and lawns. They also attack electric wires causing short circuit cases in electric equipment and also in common household appliances.

 Positives of ant activity for ecological system

Ants contribute as natural tillers of our earth and are an integral part of our ecosystem. They redistribute plant nutrients to their roots, are natural excavators and aerate soil, they also spread seeds and protect from more destructive pests like grasshoppers and caterpillars.

What should you do in case of an ant appearance?

Of course pests are a nuisance and it’s always advisable to engage with Pest Control Werribee services for permanent eradication. Nevertheless there are certain steps you can take yourself to remove them-

  • Spot any ant activity in your external yards, gardens or inside your homes in the form of wood shavings, trails or ant hills
  • Try identifying the type of ant
  • Stop the food source by keeping food covered, in air tight containers, keeping floors and garbage bins neat and clean, with no spills or crumbs, clean up storage and larders and keep areas under sinks clean, neat and moisture free
  • Place out ant baits for worker ants to carry back to their colony-but different ants prefer different baits. So this has to be just checked out.
  • Identify any cracks in walls or surfaces and seal them immediately to close off entry points

Apart from these many people use borax syrup, sticky traps, coffee grounds but these might have harmful agents that might be unfit for your family or pets. They also involve the additional trouble of you having to clean up the remains of ant colonies. Also it is a time consuming affair to chase up colonies and try to detect them and then try to contain them.

The best option would be to ring in pest control experts who give a wide range of treatment plans. They use liquid solutions and sprays, granular baits, gels and dusts. If a problem exists monitoring and longer treatment is needed. While home remedies can help contain the risks ants bring, in the long run to secure the health and hygiene of your home environment and surrounding, DIY methods would not be adequate, so call in the professional pest control experts now if you see ants in your homes!

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