How iGaming Companies Fight for New Players

iGaming is one of the most competitive markets in global business, and it’s a perfect example of how companies have to go the extra mile to attract new customers.

Since the internet – and mobile phones – became an everyday part of our lives, online gambling has exploded worldwide. Online casinos, sports betting, online poker, and bingo have all found hundreds of thousands of followers.

With the number of operators growing ever more extensive, the competition to win players’ loyalty is extraordinary – and expensive. It’s not unknown for online gambling companies to spend, on average, hundreds of dollars on each player acquisition.

A big brand name and deep pockets is no guarantee of success in a global market now reckoned to be worth a staggering $60 billion in 2020, according to Grand View Research. Instead, iGaming companies must be cute with marketing and SEO.

Special Offers and Marketing

Suppose you live in a country that has regulated online gambling, such as the UK or France, many countries in Latin America and increasingly individual states in the US. In that case, you can’t miss the advertising for online gambling companies.

It’s no good tempting potential players by merely saying, “come and play at our casino.” They must add special welcome bonus offers that make it worth the player choosing one casino over another. These bonuses and promotions will not end once a player signs up. To stop them from heading off to a competitor, iGaming sites must keep plying players with special offers to make it worth their while to stay. At sports betting sites, this might also include offering free bets and odds boosts.

The ongoing marketing effort is as detailed and relentless as any you will see. Digital campaigns, content marketing, live streaming, influencer marketing, and more are heavily invested in to make one brand stand out more than another across every platform. A look at the Google Trend for the term ‘online casino’ in the UK alone shows a steady rise since August 2018 (even if you do ignore the weird spike in July of this year). The rise shows the public interest shows no sign of abating.

SEO Activity

Those Google searches are vital for the lifeblood of iGaming sites. The fight for operators and affiliates to get higher in the search rankings is relentless, and just a few places higher for key search terms can make all the difference. According to the SEO tool SEMrush, people in the UK alone search for the term’ online casino’ 40,500 times a month.

That weight of traffic will drive new registrations and first-time deposits, but only to those sites that appear high up on Google. This is a key reason why major operators and gambling affiliate programs invest so much time and money in SEO, and it’s no wonder bespoke iGaming SEO agencies have sprung up to help them.

Range of Games

While it might sound obvious to say every online casino will offer the likes of slot games, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, it’s the quality of the software used and the number of varieties that makes a real difference to the players.

Slots are by far the most popular games in online casinos. Players like to see all the latest hi-tech video slot releases from software houses like NetEnt, Microgaming, and IGT. It’s up to the skilled online casino product managers to select the most appealing catalog.

Top games now include adding live dealer tables in online casinos, and sportsbooks offer virtual sports betting and eSports markets on top of the usual sports available.

Customer Service

Although it’s fair to say good customer service is vital for any market, it makes a significant difference to iGaming companies. When you have players winning and losing money, you must be transparent and honest in all dealings with them.

Increasingly, online gambling sites have opened up customer support agents to their players, using live chat, 24/7 email support, and, in some cases, telephone hotlines. All this is backed up with extensive FAQs sections and guides, all designed to keep players informed and prevent them from leaving the site – especially for a competitor.

It Will Only Get Harder

The red-hot competition in online gambling has led to some consolidation, with William Hill the latest to be targeted by US-based Caesars Entertainment in a £2.9 billion takeover. But with the iGaming affiliates business continuing to boom and white label gambling sites still prevalent, the competition is only expected to get more challenging in years to come.

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