How Important It is for a Business Person to be Literate

Literacy article - image 4434434433In today’s world, a businessman and woman is somebody who successfully satisfies the needs of his/her customers. Such people are considered to be intelligent and ambitious. But what does it mean to be literate, and in particular, what does it mean to be literate in the 21st century and why do business people need it?

Of course, no one can deny that without basic writing and speaking skills it is impossible to not only establish your own business but also exist. Pre-school students already know letters and the way to compose simple sentences. Further, they learn grammar rules to speak and write correctly. So nowadays, there is hardly a person who cannot scribble or communicate well. However, those who want to have even more opportunities can learn a new language, which is perfect for brain and memory training, and more importantly, for making new connections within the field a person runs a business.

In her book the “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan wrote that although her mom was able to understand English at a very sophisticated level, the brokers still underestimated her because of her broken grammar.

This is discrimination for a lot of people. You don’t have to complicate things. You just need to speak in a way that shows your character and the way you understand your investors and clients if you are running a business. You can read the full summary of the book on As to the summary of the Mother Tongue, you don’t need perfect English to be considered literate. You just have to grasp the thought and converse in such a way that others can easily understand what you are trying to say. Intelligence is not measured by language and not all people who were considered by universities as literates are successful in business.

There are other essays and summaries that show examples of how business people can communicate with their clients in order to buy stocks or market their services and products to customers. In this world today, even people who don’t speak the same language as you can understand what you mean by hand signals and gestures. You don’t have to study advanced English or Chinese in order to be great. You just have to learn politeness and good manners, and anyone who you are dealing with will do business with you.

About Literacy

This is a word that people often struggle with. In some dictionaries, this word simply means a certain knowledge in a specific area or the ability to read and write. When you are doing business and have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience, you are already considered literate.

The concept is evolving and still developing. It does not mean that you have to go through university in order to be literate. There are school, home, work, and business literacy and each of them has to be learned at least at the basic level.

When it comes to business today, technology has played a considerable role all over the world. Business is expanding more than ever, and the trading system is simply not working anymore. Money runs everything, and the world wide web is full of people who are going to give you their hard-earned wages in exchange for something of value to them.

If you are a businessperson who wants to thrive in today’s technological era, it might not be enough to be polite. You can study the various aspects of marketing, SEO, and the ins and outs of website creation in order to market more service to your customers. Customer service is a key area where politeness and kindness can play a significant role. If people recognize that you are willing to help them, then expect them to give your business a boost.

To sum up, literacy is not just limited to reading and writing. It is all about taking the time to learn a lot of skills in a non-traditional way. If you are a businessperson who can’t communicate your thoughts properly through words, then start thinking of the ways on how you can learn. You should not let go the opportunity that is presented by today’s technological advances.