How Influencers Keep Their TikTok Unbeatable: Tips & Ideas

Struggling with TikTok? Don’t worry, we all have been there! 

TikTok is an insanely complicated social media for promoting. Not only are algorithms harsh, the audience you must work with is very problematic. But the outcome any business or an influencer can expect from the platform is insane. 

Whatever your goal is on the web, we can bet that TikTok is a good fit for it. 

But what if your profile doesn’t work? Whatever you try – new videos can’t reach hundreds of thousands of views. It makes you worried about your content. Yes, in most cases, you should review your strategy… But the brightest figures of TikTok have other ways. 

In this article, we are not planning on exploring lazy-to-go methods of promoting. You can buy TikTok views in one click, but sometimes, it may take more. If you’re ready to work hard, let’s go! 

by Talking Influence

Upload Videos Frequently and Never Stop

The part you don’t want to hear about. Your uploads must be frequent so TikTok knows it has a reason to boost your account. 

Have you ever seen youtubers to get grumpy over the Youtube politics for non-stop uploads? Let’s guess: you’ve never seen such a video from a TikTok influencer. And again, guess why: 

Because if you don’t upload often, TikTok is done with you!  

Get Risky: TikTok Likes Shocking Content (Not Too Shocking Though) 

If you always do the same thing, you will be lost in thousands of consistent videos. You need to have your style, but also, you need to keep interest. 

We all are quite boring while TikTok is not for monotonous influencers.

Brainstorm and come up with crazy ideas that will not affect the trust of TikTok but also bring more to your account. You’ve decided to be a creator not because you’re uninventive, haven’t you? 

Don’t Get Risky (Dance, Dance, and Dance Once Again) 

You read it right. Instead of being extra risky, sometimes you need not risk at all. TikTok will teach you balance better than any yoga!

You need to do trends and, especially, dance. Dance a lot! The platform likes when the most hyped sounds and moves are used in videos. Dances are practically the unique selling point of TikTok! 

Invest In Yourself: The Quality is The Currency of Influencers’ TikTok 

We all see a vast amount of low-quality videos that get millions of views on TikTok. As it was with Vine some years ago, content on the app has the element of craziness.

The worst and the stupidest videos can be on top, but, as we remember, you’re not looking for one-day success. 

Take a look at your favorite influencers, the ones that inspire you to be on this way. They have the best phones to film, but almost all actually use professional equipment. Some have their stylists and even acting teachers!

Meant to be “indifferent” from the first touch, videos of the most respected figures on TikTok are the results of extreme work. Think about your content. What do you need? A new camera, a new place to film, a new mic – and improve yourself as a creator. 

Whatever your page becomes one day, a little upgrade won’t do harm! 

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