How Intelligent Automation Improves Your Marketing and Sales Performance

Are you leveraging intelligent automation to boost your marketing and sales?

If you aren’t, then you’re missing out on a lot. What’s more, you’re most likely lagging behind your competitors who are using the technology to generate more leads and sales.

Find out what intelligent automation is, how it improves your marketing and sales, and what software you can use for it.

What is Intelligent Automation?

You can describe intelligent automation as the combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and process automation to create smart business models, streamline processes, and improve results.

In sales and marketing, intelligent automation software helps teams better understand how their clients interact and leverage that insight to improve their business performance.

Conversica alternatives used for lead qualification and nurturing are excellent examples of intelligent automation software. (We’ll learn more about this later.)

Intelligent Automation for Marketing

Here’s how intelligent automation can enhance your marketing performance:

1. It performs accurate lead scoring and prioritization.

Human marketing and lead qualifying teams often judge prospects based on gut instinct, subjective assessments, and incomplete or fragmented information.

That’s problematic because it often leads to inaccurate lead scores, time wasted in pursuing low-quality prospects, and unideal marketing results.

In contrast, AI can gather vast sets of historical and real-time client information from various sources and scientifically assess them.

From there, it scores your prospects, ranks marketing opportunities in your funnel based on success probabilities, and discloses which leads to prioritize.

This shows how AI carries a remarkable level of systematization and logic in your lead qualification process that human marketing teams can rarely match.

2. It delivers personalized interactions.

With data privacy regulations enacted now, businesses struggle to provide relevant experiences to clients who don’t consent to cookies capturing their information.

Fortunately, intelligent automation doesn’t depend heavily on third-party permissions to understand your clients and deliver customized interactions.

Through behavior personalization and predictive analytics, AI adapts messages and experiences based on your customers’ activities and selections on your website, social pages, etc.

The AI studies the data from the interaction, compares it with previous sessions, and predicts the best ways, times, and messages for customers to respond favorably.

Because of these powerful capabilities, B2B and other companies use AI, machine learning, and big data to boost their marketing.

3. It strategically balances lead relationships and marketing goals.

AI helps your marketing team take care of potential lead relationships by intuitively engaging prospects the way they do (and more) toward your marketing objectives.

For instance, AI makes customer support instant for every visitor on your site. Inquiry responses and follow-ups are timely, appropriate, and compelling, so that prospects can progress through your marketing pipeline as soon as possible while meeting their needs.

By remembering previous interactions (as discussed earlier), AI makes your prospects feel valued, while courteously yet strategically leading them to your offered solutions and conversion goals.

Intelligent Automation for Sales

Transitioning from the marketing aspect, intelligent automation also improves your sales performance in the following ways:

1. It gives valuable sales forecasts and insights.

With the rich historical, high-quality data collection and customer behavior predictions, AI can provide further sales insights.

AI can also recommend actions to your teams, sharing directions the system thinks are the most sensible and strategic according to your sales objectives and data insights.

These recommendations and forecasts can include:

  • The deals that are most likely to close;
  • Best prospects to target next;
  • New customers who’ll possibly be interested in your products;
  • Prospects to reach out to first for cross-sells and upsells, etc.

With this concrete guidance, salespeople can remove much of the guesswork, make informed decisions, and confidently close deals — rather than risk indecision in deliberating the next steps.

Internally, AI helps your sales managers anticipate their team’s quarterly performance in advance and initiate strategies to fill in the gaps.

2. It feeds relevant sales intelligence.

AI also efficiently turns over client information and conversations initially compiled and recorded, so your sales agents can create tailored pitches.

If your client is an IT company or business enterprise with a website, AI provides even related details, e.g., technologies used, hierarchy structure, executives’ contact information, company size, etc.

Depending on your representative’s location, if you’ve set up a sales appointment, AI can also feed contextual data, such as high-quality leads nearby, the quickest routes to take, and even alerts should clients be running late.

3. It boosts your sales teams’ productivity.

Intelligent automation software automates and handles mundane, time-consuming tasks distracting your salespeople from higher-value activities.

The AI assists in management tasks, such as scheduling sales meet-ups, organizing calendars, onboarding new sign-ups, etc.

With these administrative duties out of the way, your sales team can dynamically pursue and concentrate on closing deals, creating compelling pitches, and more.

Exceed: An Intelligent Automation Tool and Conversica Alternative for Marketing and Sales

Earlier, I mentioned that Conversica alternatives are a stellar example of intelligent automation tools for lead nurturing, marketing, and sales.

One of these high-performing Conversica alternatives you can leverage for your business is Exceed. Here’s how Exceed improves your marketing and sales with its robust functionalities: for Marketing

Exceed ensures you never waste a qualified lead again by automatically engaging e-v-e-r-y visitors on your site and 100% of your prospects through human-sounding conversations.

It also instantly imports leads to your CRM and triggers consequent follow-ups on appropriate or client-selected times.

Exceed automatically qualifies leads according to your scoring criteria, answers frequent inquiries, initiates setting up meetings directly into your representatives’ calendars, and more. for Sales

Exceed makes scaling your sales efficient and inexpensive because your agents no longer have to waste time and effort on unqualified leads and unproductive email exchanges.

Seamlessly turning over from marketing to sales, this Conversica alternative asks qualifying questions and hands over warm leads according to their answers.

With these qualified leads and scheduled meetings — plus a single click — Exceed automates follow-ups and rescheduled appointments due to no-shows and ghosting.

Additionally, if your agents are out of office, Exceed instantly follows up prospects, freeing up every sales rep up to four hours a week.

Exceed fills in the needed capacities in your sales department to scale engagement and capture more qualified leads.

Improve your sales and marketing with intelligent automation.

Intelligent automation significantly supercharges your sales and marketing performance — helping you achieve your desired results and business goals.

Leverage Conversica alternatives such as Exceed to scale your teams’ efforts. With intelligent automation, you can achieve far more for much less time, money, and other resources.

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