How is Playground Equipment Essential For Your Child’s Overall Development? 

Kids are naturally active and full of energy and this is why it can be hard to keep them indoors with certain activities. Playing outside plays an important part in the development of every child. Outdoor activities not only allow children to stay fit physically, but mentally too. Playing outdoors helps them build positive associations between fun and being active that help them have a healthy lifestyle in future. 

This is why Australia recognizes the importance of playgrounds for every child’s overall growth and development. The Australian safety standards for playground equipment offers expertise and comprehensive information regarding safety standards of playground equipment across all states. 

Playground equipment providers must ensure that they meet all the standard safety requirements. The company plans, designs, installs, and manufactures playground equipment. Their standardised play equipment involves different processes for sustainable manufacturing of global quality playground equipment. 

Maintaining Australian safety standards is important because playground equipment helps in building to promote a child’s physical, sensory and cognitive development. It has lots of benefits other than simply being fun like

  • Promoting fitness
  • Helps to build skills 
  • Strengthens mental health

Fitness levels

  • Outdoor activities like swings, see-saws, and flying boxes engage body muscles to operate and hold on
  • Teach balancing skills
  • Coordination and space awareness

Develops skills and stability

  • Tree and rock climbing under supervision teaches how to reach from one point to another, stability and navigation
  • Sandpits teach measuring skills, learning to cooperate, and sharing with other children

There are successive stages of childhood that are to be taken into consideration while designing a commercial playground with equipment. 

Playgrounds for toddlers

  • Toddlers between the age of one to four years are building sensory and motor skills. 
  • Play equipment for this age group is very small and designed into themes so that they stimulate language as kids can recognise them.
  • Kids name and talk about things like nature and animals

Playground for pre-schoolers

  • This is for the age group between two to 6 years.
  • Play equipment like pirate ships and control centres develops children’s imagination, friendship, and language skills.
  • It encourages more precision in physical movement and prompt actions like running and jumping

Playground for school-aged children

  • This is from the age of six years where kids are at an advanced stage of learning
  • They are mastering skills like balancing, coordination and agility through net climbing and balancing obstacles
  • They start playing in groups, making friends, contributing to social development, and emotional intelligence

Playgrounds for early adolescents

  • For children aged ten and above, weight issues and obesity seem to be particularly acute 
  • They become less active by staying indoors due to new technologies
  • Children of this age need to seek physical challenges in their play through swings, climbing equipment, and such activities that are competitive by nature
  • They use playgrounds and equipment to socialise and connect.

The mental health benefits of playground equipment are many but they are often overlooked due to fear of sun damage and playground accidents. However, kids need fresh air and sunlight for developing not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind. Following the safety standards for playground equipment ensure children get a healthy and safe environment to play, have fun and develop their overall skills.

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