How is the Indian Food Scene in Pune? Local Dishes You Must Try

Pune is renowned to be the first high-tech city in the country. Additionally, the vibrant city has much more to offer than pioneering standards of education as well as technology. Pune serves as the hit metropolis of the state of Maharashtra while featuring multiple facets in terms of its vibrant culture and rich heritage. 

While you might come across a number of alluring factors the city has to boast, there is something special for all types of food-lovers here. The wide gamut of famous Indian restaurants in Pune allows you to indulge in a high-end gastronomical experience as you get to try out different cuisines the city has to offer. The vibrant city serves to be an ultimate paradise for individuals captivated by their hunger and looking for something delicious and fulfilling at the same time. 

The Scrumptious Range of Delicacies in Pune

As you browse through the wide array of famous Indian restaurants in Pune, you will be confused with the scrumptious assortment of delicacies you are presented with on your palate. One of the most distinctive features of this high-tech city is its versatile cuisines offered at top-rated restaurants of the city. 

Pune is regarded as the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra. The historic city offers a divine cultural bastion serving as the perfect amalgamation of ethnic roots and values complimented with the contemporary stance. One of the best things about the divine food in Pune is the wide range of options available across the best Indian restaurants and even street food centres of the city. An interesting mix of the best cuisines from all around definitely draws the attention of food aficionados from all over. 

How is the Traditional Food Scene in Pune?

Green chillies, garlic, and coconut -to make dishes spicy, along with wholesome recipes like Bajra and Jowar are some of the primary ingredients utilized across several traditional dishes in Pune. At the same time, you can also come across a number of lip-smacking sweet dishes, including bhakarwadi, pedas, and chewdas, all of which you should not miss.

When in Pune, you should also try out the richness of the local Maharashtrian cuisines featuring a luscious blend of wholesome spices. To try out a few options, coastal cuisines, delectable seafood, and delicious curries are something you must try out at the best Indian restaurants in the city. 

Delicious Maharashtrian dishes in Pune are presented in the form of traditional thalis, featuring rice, curd, rotis, vegetables, delicious curries, salads, and so much more. If you wish to taste the divine flavors of the traditional Maharashtrian recipes in Pune, you can either visit or order online from the best Indian restaurants, including Maratha Samrat, Khandesh Junction, Gokhales Kitchen, and Gargi Snacks. Don’t forget to explore our selection of Diwali Gifts to add a touch of festivity and joy to your celebrations with delightful surprises for your loved ones.

Cuisines from Other States to Try in Pune 

As India is famous for being a culturally diverse country with different states featuring their own unique cuisine, people from different areas end up searching for specific food specialities in other cities. To a visitor’s delight, the mega city of Pune offers the best in the entire worlds of North Indian cuisines, South Indian cuisines, Maharashtrian cuisines, and even international cuisines. 

You can come across a number of eateries and restaurants in the city offering specialised delights to suit your palate. If you are looking forward to trying out something new, you can try out the wide range of international cuisines offered at some of the famous joints, including Uncle’s Chinese, Kimling, Smoke House Deli, Little Italy, and so more. 

How is the Street Food Scene in Pune?

Street food in Pune is yet another mouth-watering option you should try while visiting the high-tech city. Most of the delicious street food delicacies are available at highly affordable rates across the street side food vendors of the city. Some of the must-have street food options in Pune are:

  • Bakarwadi

It is a delicious and savoury roll that is deep-fried upon getting spiced throughout. While it is common to find this local dish at almost every corner of the city, you must not give the popular Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale a miss. 

  • Amti

It is a staple dal-based curry or lentil soup with its origins in the state of Maharashtra. The curry is prepared with pigeon pea or Tuvar lentils. The fact that makes Amti a special dish in Pune is that it features a heavenly mix of rich spices, known as the Goda Masala. It usually encompasses a blend of red hot chillies, poppy seeds, stone flower, and shredded coconut. While it might appear a normal dish, the inclusion of the flavourful Goda Masala makes it highly delectable and sought-after. 

  • Samosa with Chutney

If you are nearing your cheat day, you can make plans to order a delightful platter of hot, spicy samosas with flavourful chutneys to satisfy your cravings. Crisp and light, samosas are the ultimate snack items you must try out in Pune. You can even order piping hot samosas right from the comfort of your home. 

  • Sabudana Khichdi

Sticky yet delicious, the lip-smacking flavours of a plate of Sabudana Khichdi are unmatched. Prepared out of tapioca pearls (sabudana), the lightweight, healthy dish is garnished with a dash of lemon and roasted peanuts for enhanced flavours. The dish might be simple. Still, it has the ability to transport you to the ultimate food haven. 

  • Bhel Puri

There are several famous street food vendors offering this staple snack item across the city. You can stock up on some of the popular food joints to try out the exclusive Matki Bhel every evening. With the crunchiness of sev and the deliciousness of chutneys and chillies on top, Bhel Puris a must-have snack preparation when in Pune.


With a myriad of local options to try out, you can never have a dull moment in Pune, especially when you are a food lover. Make the most of your visit to the city by trying out the delectable cuisines and dishes at the best Indian restaurants in Pune. 

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