How is the Vape Industry Pivoting with the Vape Mail Ban

Vapers have been using online vape sites for several years as a means to buy vape juice online, usually at steeply discounted prices. Unfortunately, the new “Vape Mail Ban” effectively nixes this preferred method, as nearly all major couriers (including FedEx, UPS, and DHL) have posted deadlines on when they will no longer allow home deliveries of vape products. This presents an enormous problem for consumers and businesses alike. This unexpected ban comes with many issues that vapers who buy vape juice online will struggle to overcome. 

What is the Vape Mail Ban

On December 27, 2020, President Trump signed a bill called “Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act,” also known as the “Vape Mail Ban.” This bill bans all home deliveries and shipments of vape products across the country. 

DHL, FedEx, and UPS have all released dates on when they will cease deliveries of vape products. However, USPS has yet to confirm a date on when they will halt deliveries as well, but are only given 120 days from 12/27/20 to release that date. 

What Brought About The Vape Ban

This ban comes after JUUL pods were made too available to underage users. JUUL tried to rectify the problem by limiting the flavors sold, but teens were still able to access third-party cartridges on the black market. Underground market THC vapes were soon found to include Vitamin E Acetate as a dangerous diluent agent in their pods. Unfortunately, the Vitamin E Acetate vaporizes at high temps, but rematerializes in the lungs and can cause extreme illness, and in several cases, death. The entire vaping community was lumped into the accusation that “vaping is harmful” instead of acknowledging that JUUL pods and THC were to blame. And so began the downfall and what will be the eventual elimination of online vape shops. 

What Does This Mean for Online Vape Retailers?

For online vape retailers, the vape mail ban poses an extremely stressful impasse. Until now, vape shops that are based solely online were able to offer vape juice and products at a much cheaper price, since there is no brick-and-mortar store. Online vape shops depend on shipping couriers to deliver their products to their customers, only after strict ID verifications. This new law creates new challenges to overcome, should they find a courier that is willing to ship vape products: 

  1. Online vape shops are required to register with the Attorney General. Each online vape shop is required to collect applicable taxes. For states that already collect tax on vaping products, these shops must also register with tobacco tax admins and the federal government. 
  2. Each tax admin must be sent a highly detailed list of every online vape shop’s customer transaction. This list includes the customer’s name and address, type of vape product sold, and how much of each. 
  3. Using a commercially available database, the customer’s age must be verified upon delivery and will require an adult signature. 
  4. Online vape shops are required to keep a 5-year record of any delivery that was incomplete/denied, based on the courier’s judgment on if the recipient was in compliance with the Pact ACt.  

How Are Vaping Retailers Planning to Continue Shipping Operations?

As for right now, reputable companies (such as The Dollar E-Juice Club) will continue to ship products as normal until they are no longer able to do so. Some online vape shops are also exploring options such as regional carriers and local deliveries. The future is very uncertain, but online vape shops are focusing on the present to give you a premium vaping experience for as long as they can! 

But there are also some things you as the consumer can do to help. Start a petition in your state that protests this unfair law. Spread awareness on why this vape mail ban is detrimental to vapers, as many vapers were once heavy smokers. Reach out to your state representative and express your concerns. 

Select your state from the map and see Calls to Action, legislator information, current vaping laws, taxes, and more info for your state.

Final Thoughts

We understand that this vape mail ban is stressful and frustrating for vapes across the country. Unfortunately, we have no clear answer on whether there will be loopholes or amendments to this law. Our advice? If you’re worried about your ability to buy vape juice online in the future, stock up on as many e-liquids as possible.

The Dollar E-Juice Club offers an excellent selection of fresh fruits, creamy desserts, sweet candies, and cool menthol, as well as nicotine salt e-liquids and disposable vapes (affectionately called Money Bars). 

We hope that this vape mail ban does not kill online vape shops, as online shopping has become crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many online vape shops simply cannot afford or do not wish to deal with the hassle of owning a brick-and-mortar store. And with so many businesses going under due to lack of finances, store capacity, and customer influx, opening a physical location isn’t an option for many online retailers. 

Online vape shops will work hard to meet the criteria imposed for the new PACT act and will continue to ship out orders until the aforementioned deadlines. Until then, make sure you have enough vape juice onhand to last you through these stressful times!

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