How Jason Stone Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident

A car accident is a scary moment for everyone involved, whether you’re a driver, passenger, or among third parties witnessing the crash firsthand. The aftermath of the wreck can be even more traumatic, especially if legal intervention is needed after the accident. If you feel uncertain about the possibility of issues with insurance companies or possible lawsuits, don’t hesitate to reach out to a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. That’s where Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is here to help.

Access to Legal Advice


After a car accident, it doesn’t hurt to seek out a free consultation even just for legal advice regarding your crash. Jason Stone Injury Lawyers offers an advocate that an accident victim can trust. The law firm seeks to protect victims from insurance companies while also investigating the wreck, building the best claim for a personal injury case. This is protected by the Stone Cold Guarantee, an assurance by Stone and his attorneys that they will not accept payment unless they get you the compensation you deserve as a victim.

Jason Stone and his team of personal injury attorneys work to build a strong attorney-client relationship that is focused on getting you fair compensation. This includes looking into your legal options from potential settlements with an insurance company to possibly taking an accident case to the courtroom. There is the possibility of exploring compensation for lost wages brought on by being out of work, as well as pain and suffering from the trauma resulting from the auto accident.

Having Documents in Order


The attorneys at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers understand and will work to make sure that you are taken care of regarding your mental and physical health following an accident. It’s best for any personal injury case to accept medical treatment at the scene of an accident. It’s a good idea to follow up with a visit to either the emergency room, your primary care physician, or an urgent care clinic. If you have suffered significant injuries in the wreck, you may require multiple medical appointments. Be sure to maintain documentation such as invoices, claims forms, and copies of scans all the way along.

Having all of this information can help build a stronger case for accident victims, showing the physical and emotional difficulties that have resulted from a car crash. This also extends to your attorneys helping you in building a claim. Jason Stone Injury Lawyers will work to make sure that you have access to accident reports from police, along with possible eyewitness accounts and documents from all insurance companies involved in the wreckage in a certain capacity.

A Transparent Attorney-Client Relationship


Jason Stone Injury Lawyers are among the most highly regarded personal injury lawyers, ensuring that car accident victims get the fair compensation they deserve. However, the attorney-client relationship is a two-way street. Personal injury attorneys will work to provide regular updates on any developments within an accident case. It’s important for victims to lay out the facts clearly to ensure a better settlement offer or legal outcome in general. This prevents hurdles later on down the line, especially for a civil lawsuit.

Laying down all of the facts on the table will further help Jason Stone Injury Lawyers in their pursuit of compensation for your medical expenses or other outstanding debts brought on by this car accident. Those conversations are confidential information, as part of attorney-client privilege, that is intended to have an understanding of what the case entails. The truth is we all can use a helping hand after a car crash, but Jason Stone and his law firm will put you in the best hands possible.