How Keycafe Can Help Hotel General Managers With Access Control in 2023

Keeping track of one or two keys is easy, but managing the keys to multiple rooms of a hotel can get very hard. This article will explain how Keycafe can help hotel general managers with access control. 

Keycafe, a modern Key Management System, can help hotel managers to manage their keys. Managers can grant access to their visitors for key pickups and even set a time for them to do so; it reduces front desk wait times.

Want to know how Keycafe can help make your life as a manager easier? Continue reading to find out!

A Little Glimpse Into Keycafe

Keycafe is revolutionizing key management across industries. With solutions tailored for hotel management, it’s making strides in providing seamless access control.

What Is Keycafe?

Keycafe is a sophisticated key management system, employing the latest IoT technology. It provides an effective and modern solution to traditional key handling, ensuring security, and efficiency.

History Of Keycafe

From its inception, Keycafe has grown to become a leading name in key management, serving over 40 different industries, including renowned hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and Concord hotels.

How Can Keycafe Help With Access Control?

Smooth working must be maintained at hotels for customer satisfaction and function of the hotel. Here are some practices with the help of Keycafe that the internal staff can use for key control at hotels.

Efficient Operating

Keycafe minimizes the operational hurdles related to key management, providing a streamlined process that saves time and resources.

Enhances Visitors’ Experiences

By reducing waiting times and offering flexible access control, Keycafe significantly improves the guest experience, making check-ins and access more seamless.

Temporary Access

Having a hotel requires a lot of people to access keys for multiple purposes, for example– room maintenance, accessing authorized personnel rooms, etc. Now, hotel managers can provide temporary access to their staff using the features Keycafe offers. 

General managers can easily manage permissions and provide access to their staff, offering them a seamless and convenient operation.

Ensures Security 

The safety of the establishment and the customers is at the top of the priority list of a hotel. Data storage is encrypted. There is a complete audit trail; hotel general managers can track the key actions in real time.

They can make themselves aware and track who entered which locations and when. This kind of transparency fosters responsibility and safeguards its customers against unauthorized access.

Introducing The New MS5 Smartbox

Keycafe has come up with the latest innovation– MS5 Smartbox. The pricing starts from $2299.00. 









15.3 lbs (6.9 kg)

The access control system features a 9-bin capacity with a steel-reinforced polycarbonate chassis, a 7” touch screen, a 5MP camera, an optical motion sensor, and an optional cellular kit. 

It includes a 3500 mAh lipo battery backup, cloud management, OTA updates, and compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Additionally, it boasts an IP53 weather-resistant rating for outdoor use.

The steel backplate elegantly mounts onto wall studs, reinforced by an electrical lock that ensures security, while the included board installation supplies complete the package for a hassle-free setup.


Q: How does Keycafe work?

A: Through IoT technology, Keycafe enables real-time key management, allowing flexibility and control over key access. Managers grant and remove access to ensure authorized personnel can pick up keys with either a code or an app.  All key movements are tracked and complete audit history enables managers to know where, when and who had access to any given room at any time.  

Q: Who is the founder of Keycafe?

A: Clayton Brown is the CEO and Co-Founder of Keycafe.

Q: Is Keycafe user-friendly?

A: Absolutely. With a 4.8-star rating from over 300 reviews, users find Keycafe’s system intuitive and easy to use.

Q: What if I don’t have a smartphone?

A: It is not an issue; if you don’t own a smartphone to download the app, you can still access the service through the keypad on the SmartBox. Making onboarding staff very quick with minimal training. 


This article has covered how Keycafe can help hotel general managers aim to upgrade their access control strategies in 2023; we have covered the practices the internal staff can use to modify their key access management keeping in mind the convenience of customers and managers.

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