How Lingerie Companies are Empowering the Body Confidence Movement

There was a time when the average person felt like lingerie companies weren’t targeted at them. Now, thanks to women speaking up and having more choice over where they shop, more lingerie companies are empowering the body confidence movement. Here’s how they’re doing it.

Adapting their products

Before, the emphasis may have been put on women to change their bodies or settle for what was available when shopping for lingerie. However, companies are now adapting their products to include new sizes and more suitable options. This is what David Spector is doing, with his company ThirdLove. It’s now clear that women shopping for a new bra don’t always fit neatly into the standard cup sizes, so the company he co-founded offers extra sizes in half cups, providing the perfect fit for those who were previously labeled as being an awkward size.

Featuring real people as models

Many lingerie companies are now featuring women of all sizes, ages, and backgrounds as models. This shows how the items look on people who are similar to the shopper because most people don’t look like size zero supermodels. This also promotes body confidence and shows that beauty doesn’t have to just be one thing.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is another thing that some lingerie companies are making use of. In short, this allows customers browsing the website to see the product modeled in a variety of sizes. So, they can see the size that fits them, or at least closely matches, rather than just viewing it being modeled by someone whose size differs vastly from their own.

No longer using Photoshop

Some lingerie companies have stopped using Photoshop on the models wearing their products. This is empowering because it appeals to the women who wear them, rather than the image men have of what women should look like in lingerie. This makes sense as it empowers them to buy underwear for themselves, based on what they prefer.

Introducing online fittings

For anyone who has ever had a bra fitting in person, but falls between sizes, they’ll be familiar with the feeling of having to choose the closest size, and possibly trying on several sizes and feeling like something is wrong with them. Being able to fit themselves from home, combined with the availability of extra sizes, means more women can now find a bra that fits them perfectly.

Introducing different colored ‘nude’ ranges

Previously, nude ranges of lingerie were just one color, but that was never realistic of most people’s skin tone. So, lingerie companies introducing different ‘nude’ colors, ensures customers can find a nude shade that matches their skin, effortlessly. This empowers them to be more confident in their body and to wear what they want without feeling like their lingerie will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Some lingerie companies are leading the way in empowering people to feel confident in their own bodies. Comfort, fit and relatability are just a few of the ways they are doing this.

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