How long does it take to charge a car battery?

In 2012, when Tesla launched its first electric car Model S, it was difficult for people to believe that this technology will overtake rapidly. In 2019, when even Forbes magazine indicated in its article “The Clock is Ticking on Electric Car Batteries” the people took this fact seriously.  Today when most of the countries are installing electric car charging stations it seems like a dream come true. If you are also among those who want to switch to the electric vehicle it is important for you to understand its charging process.

A battery is a device that holds the energy for later use. It can be charged by the wall charging units that could be installed at your home and even at the public charging stations. Nowadays, rapid and ultra-rapid car battery chargers are also available. The question is which type of charger is favorable for your battery and how much time it takes to recharge a car battery.

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Types of car battery chargers

According to Bloomberg, moving towards electric cars is a call to a green future. Based on the fast, rapid, and slow battery charging mainly the car battery chargers have three main types: (1) linear chargers, (2) multi-stage chargers, and (3) trickle chargers.

  • Linear chargers

The linear battery charger is the simple car charging unit at your home. It requires a simple wall socket to charge your car. You take 12 hours to completely charge your battery through the linear chargers. It works on the principle of continuous charging and keeps on charging the device even after its full charge. Excess charging is extremely harmful to battery performance.

  • Multi-stage chargers

The multistage charger is a fast charger that can recharge a battery in just a single hour. Unlike linear chargers, it uses power impulses to charge the battery. It prevents the batteries from damage due to the long-term charging of a device.

  • Trickle chargers

The trickle chargers work from 0.8 to 4 amperes. Trickle chargers use low power output to charge the device therefore it takes almost 24 hours to charge the complete car battery. They are suitable to charge your batteries when they are not in use for a long time.

Charging a dead battery

If your battery is completely running out of charge and you need to recharge it for further use it can take one to 24 hours for its complete charging based on which type of charger you are using for its charging.

What is a jump start?

Jump start a car battery - charge a car battery

When the other parts of the car are operational and you just have to face the failure of the battery. Then you can start the car with the jump start. The jump start is the procedure in which you initiate a thrust of charge in the dead battery by connecting it to the other working car battery through connecting the jumper wires.

Reasons of energy sink from the battery

The energy sink is the main reason to stop the battery from working effectively. The other electrical devices on your car such as the car lights, AC, sound systems are the major source of quick energy sink from the battery. When you leave your car without using it for a long time it is another major reason to destroy the performance of the battery. The best way to recharge your battery is to turn off all the electric devices of the car during the charging period.

Modern car chargers

In order to increase your battery life, you can use smart chargers that went un-operational mode after your battery is fully charged. Today we have smart rapid car chargers as well that charge the car within minutes without disturbing the efficiency of the battery.


To conclude our discussion, there are three different types of electric car battery chargers and each has its own utility based on which type of charging is required. A 48 amperes battery takes 12-24 hours charging time with a 2-4 ampere charger. A dead battery needs 2 to 4 hours of charging before switching on the engine.

You can charge your car at low amperes and even at high amperes. When you charge your car on low amperes it will take more time but it improves the performance and efficiency of the battery. There are rapid and ultra-rapid car chargers that can charge the car in few minutes but the fast charging damages the battery life. Read more about Best Automotive Performance Batteries on

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