How Long Does It Take to Grow a Beard?

Ideally, a full beard can take about two to four months to grow. There are various products that can stimulate the growth of beards in men but it is important to research them correctly. Sometimes, men notice that their beards are taking too long to grow and this can happen due to various factors. A beard serum can help to grow a thick and long beard if used correctly. It is also important to see that the brand and ingredients are correct for you. All men dream of growing a thick, strong, and full beard quickly. However, not everyone is lucky in this respect. Some men have to put in a lot of effort to grow their beards. You can use a beard serum regularly to promote the growth of a beard quickly.

A beard serum that has minoxidil can help to grow a long and thick beard in less time. Minoxidil is an ingredient that promotes hair growth on the scalp as well as the face. Men who face the problem of male pattern baldness at a young age or excessive hair fall should use minoxidil. They can also use minoxidil beard serum to promote the growth of the beard. Use beard serum from top companies if you want to see a difference.

Many men want a well-grown beard but only a few of them know the right tricks.

Factors That Affect Beard Growth

Before we think about the treatment that can help to grow a beard quickly, it is important to understand the reasons that can stunt its growth. It will be easy to choose a beard serum when you know the reason behind slow beard growth. Here are a few factors that can affect your beard growth:

  • Age

Age plays a major role in beard growth. Many men can grow a full beard when they turn 18, however, there are some who cannot grow a beard before 30. You should find out whether age is affecting your beard growth.

  • Genes

Sometimes, men cannot grow long and thick beards because of genetic factors. Hair patterns are hereditary so you should see the men in your family. If they have slow hair growth, it is possible you will also get the same genes. A beard serum can reverse the process by stimulating your beard growth. Minoxidil beard serum is the only ingredient that is going to promote better and quicker beard growth.

  • Hormones

Hormonal factors such as low testosterone levels can lead to slower beard growth. You can consult a doctor to see which supplements can help beard growth or ask a dermatologist about the minoxidil beard serum. They will give you the best advice about how much quantity of the product can help to grow a beard.

These are just a few common reasons that affect beard growth in most men. Sometimes, the conditions can be reversed with the help of the right products.

Tips to Grow a Beard Quickly

Let’s take a look at a few tips that can promote faster beard growth in men:

1. Minoxidil Beard Serum

A beard serum that has minoxidil helps to stimulate beard growth. It activates the dormant facial hair cells so that they can grow facial hair. The beard serum reduces the resting phase of hair cells so that men can grow thick and strong beards quickly. You have to use a beard serum regularly to see the benefits. Make sure you decide on the quantity of the ingredient with a dermatologist so that it works effectively. Too much or too little of the product will do more harm than good. There are many good brands that sell minoxidil beard serum so you can check them out if you are planning to use the product.

2. Supplements

Ask your doctor about the supplements that can help to increase the testosterone levels in your body. Usually, most doctors recommend biotin because it is a supplement that is known to promote beard growth without causing any side effects. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that help in better hair growth. The supplement provides enough nourishment to the hair cells so that they can promote better hair growth. While a beard serum is a topical treatment, supplements help to stimulate the process of beard growth from the inside.

3. Diet

It is important to focus on your diet if you want to enhance the growth of the beard on your face. You must increase the intake of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. They will provide nutrition to the hair cells so that they can work rapidly. Focus on eating food items that are rich in Vitamins A, B, C, and E which help in faster hair growth. Along with using a beard serum, you have to focus on your lifestyle changes if you want to grow a thick and strong beard in less time. 

These are the tips that can help you grow a full beard quicker. If you want to know about minoxidil beard serum and its uses, you can either search online or talk to a dermatologist who has enough knowledge about it. Know about the benefits and side effects of this product from experienced people because they can guide you better. Apart from using a beard serum, make sure to follow the necessary lifestyle changes that can promote better beard growth. All of this together will help men to grow a strong beard.

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