How Long Do The Effects Of CBD Last?

There have been many different reports stating how beneficial CBD can be in the wellness industry, more people and health organizations are starting to see just how effective CBD can be in helping to get rid of health conditions. 

It can help to alleviate chronic pains, skincare, and anxiety. Yet, there is often a lot of misinformation around and confusion in relation to cannabis and cannabinoids.

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One of the more commonly asked questions in relation to CBD is how long the effects will last. 

Bimble and many other places have looked into this, but there is no general answer, the truth is, it depends. 

So, let’s look into this some more! 

How Long Do The Effects Usually Last?

Honestly, how long CDB lasts in the body depends. Not everyone will have the same reaction, and everyone’s bodies will act differently in relation to CDB. Generally the effects can last anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours! 

There are many varying factors that will impact just how fast the CBD will get absorbed into the body, as well as how long the effects will last too. 

Overall, it does depend on both the CBD and the person taking it. 

So, to give you the most accurate information, let’s look at the factors that affect how long it lasts in your body. 

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Effect Duration Via Method Of Consumption

There are countless different ways to take CBD in this day and age, and you could find a CBS product to suit almost any of your needs. Yet, it is important to be aware that different products of CBD will come with different benefits as well as varying characteristics. 

The method in which you consume the CBS will also affect the length of time that the CBD will stay in your body. 

There are 4 most common ways you can take CBD and for each product it is important to know what happens when they enter the body and how long their effects will last.

  • Capsules

Capsules are one of the most favored methods for people who are already taking a course of daily multivitamins. They are spotless and easy to take. Yet, just like any other supplement taken this way, it can take quite a while for your body to absorb it. 

This is because the CBD needs to actually pass through the digestive system in order to make it to the liver. In your liver it is metabolized by the enzymes there, which reduces the amount of CBD but also delays the effects. 

Thai means with capsules it can take 60 minutes to feel any effect at all, but the effects can last up to 8 hours, which is also how long the capsules will stay inside your body actively.

  • Oil

Oils are another very popular method of consumption. The reason for this is because of how easy it is to consume them. You only need to use an oil dropper, placing drops of around 2 or 3 underneath your tongue. 

You wait a total of 60 seconds for it to get absorbed. 

When you take oil this way it will bypass your digestive system, and it gets absorbed into your body within 30 minutes to 60 minutes. 

It will typically stay inside your bloodstream for up to 4 hours! 

  • Vaping

If what you are after is speed then you should probably choose CBD vapes, just inhale the CBD vapor using a matching CBD vaping device. Thai methods of taking in CBD allows the CBD to once again bypass the digestive system. 

This allows it to get into your bloodstream much faster, giving you effects near immediately. 

Your lungs absorb the CBD much faster, and you can feel it within mere minutes. Well, since it is taken into the body very quickly, it also leaves the body quickly, only lasting a maximum of an hour. 

Vaping is great for short term effects, such as for anxiety. 

Topically Applied

This type of CDB is made to be applied to your body externally, such as in the hair or skin. You can get these in the form of oils, creams, and ointments. 

Topical CBD will be absorbed via the skin, and it bypasses your digestive system in doing so. It usually takes 2 hours to take effect, and the effects often last a good 5 or so hours. 

It does not enter the bloodstream but it can target receptors in the skin to unlock benefits that you will certainly notice in your wellbeing.

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