How Long Is A Vehicle Inspection Good For In Texas

If you are looking for vehicle inspection in Texas, you have come to the right place. It is a simple task but a little more confusing. I will explain everything about how to process your vehicle inspection, required documents, and fee details you can find here.

Suppose you have a new vehicle; the inspections last for two years. As well as, if you have a used vehicle or an old car, the vehicle inspection lasts one year. If your vehicle fails the vehicle inspection, you will receive failed inspection sticker that tells you to apply for re-inspection within 15 to 20 days. 

Why Vehicle Inspection is Important 

The vehicle inspection procedure goes under the public safety department that certifies your vehicle is safe to drive on Texas roads for one year and before going to visit book an appointment in any Texas dps office details will be here you can do it easily. After this, you can drive your vehicle on Texas roads without restrictions. 

In the vehicle inspection, the public safety department checks the minor and major problems you have never noticed and notifies you to rectify the errors before issuing an inspection sticker for your vehicle. This inspection helps you resolve little mistakes before turning them into major ones. You must resolve the vehicle problems if the public safety department notices any errors in the vehicle. After this, you can re-apply for a vehicle inspection. 

What You Have To Do During The Vehicle Inspection

You must present the proof of driver’s license and insurance to the vehicle inspector during the inspection and pay a $7 to $40 fee for your vehicle inspection based on your vehicle model and type in Texas. 

After submitting all the required documents, the inspection process will start. The entire process can take 15 to 30 minutes in the Texas vehicle inspection locations. 

Texas Vehicle Inspection New Law

The public safety department in Texas updates laws for a few years to simplify the inspection process. According to new inspection law, you must present valid insurance, driver’s license, proof of residency, and vehicle purchased documents. As well as you must resolve the issues that were noticed during the inspection. The motor vehicle inspector will explain to you what the requirements are to pass the vehicle inspection. You must resolve the problems and again take your vehicle to the inspection. 

Texas Vehicle Inspection Checklist

The public safety department in Texas checks the vehicle parts, which include: 

  • Horn or Horn 
  • Signal Indicators
  • Headlight
  • Back side Indicators
  • Seat Belts
  • Gas Connect
  • Break System
  • License Plates Light
  • Steering
  • Tires
  • Air Bags
  • Inside Mirror
  • Gear System
  • Vehicle Sound
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Vehicle assemble
  • Widows
  • Inside Vehicle Lights
  • Vehicle moment 
  • Break Pipes
  • Safety Kit
  • Vehicle Capacity 

In addition, the inspection department will check some other parts of your vehicle. After reviewing all these parts, the Texas DPS will inspect your car.

To pass the vehicle inspection on the first attempt, take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic. They will check your car and resolve the vehicle issues. If you have a new vehicle, you can visit the inspection center without any vehicle checks because the manufacturer will release the vehicle after passing all the quality tests. 


The public safety department will take all measures for your vehicle before issuing an inspection sticker. The motor vehicle department considers public safety. If you have a new vehicle, you can visit the testing location without any pre-checks, or if you have an old or used vehicle, check the vehicle’s condition before presenting the vehicle to the inspection department. They will check all the parts of your vehicle and documents to pass the vehicle inspection. If your vehicle failed in the vehicle inspection, you could apply for re-inspection within 15 to 20 days for a second inspection.