How Many Legal CBD Products Are Available?

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Even the best CBD products always make people concerned about their legality. Ten years ago hemp was prohibited to use as it has a psychoactive effect and can cause hallucinations and euphoria. But times are changing and today even the most conservative society doesn’t treat marijuana as strictly as before. Thanks to CBD, a component that has a powerful and positive effect on the human body, the status of hemp-based products is changing.

Let’s consider if there are legal hemp CBD products along with Aifory.

In 2018, CBD oil became legal in most parts of the world. The main condition for the legal status of hemp products represented on the market is containing low levels of THC (a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants that has a narcotic effect).

However, answering the question of whether CBD is legal is not easy. You see, it all depends on its origin and whether the source of CBD is hemp with low THC or other cannabis strains with high THC. That’s why some hemp CBD products can hardly be considered legal even if the level of CBD itself in it is twice or trice higher than THC.

If CBD oil is made from industrial hemp, most countries consider it legal. If it is sourced from other cannabis varieties with higher THC levels (above 0.3%), then some countries consider it illegal. Basically, it all depends on how much THC the product contains, as THC is illegal due to its psychoactive properties. And this is where the confusion begins.

When the word cannabis is used, people immediately think of it as an illegal substance. At that time, the hemp plant contains a lot of CBD and it is not psychoactive and only has traces of THC (0.3%). CBD is essentially a completely different compound from THC.

  • How to Find Out Whether the Product You Buy Is Legal?

Aifory can help you quickly find out if the CBD products you want to buy are legal, as even the most popular CBD products can contain banned THC. As we already know, the permissible THC concentration in legal hemp products is no more than 0.3%. This means that you should definitely study the composition of the product before purchasing. Many manufacturers indicate the complete absence of THC in the composition, some can honestly mention that there is THC but in the minimum acceptable concentration – this product option is also in demand since often THC and CBD in combination have a particularly strong effect.

Another sign of the legality and high quality of the products you want to buy is the availability of a seller’s license that allows selling hemp and product quality certificates. At Aifory, we pay high attention to this.

And, of course, you shouldn’t buy even the top-rated products from unverified sellers – they may turn out to be faked, and fakes are certainly illegal.

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