How Many Portable Restrooms Do You Need When Starting a Business? 

When looking to enter the portable restroom industry, the question that comes to mind is the number of toilets you need to launch a successful business. How many is enough? It’s a crucial question because every new porta potty business must start somewhere. 

However, it can be challenging to identify the optimal number that will lay a strong foundation for your business without getting caught up in a complex situation. Read on to discover the ideal number of portable restrooms when starting a business. 

Your Goals Are the Guiding Compass

How many portable restrooms do you need when launching a porta-potty enterprise? 

The answer lies in your business goals. Typically, at least one of the goals below is the life-blood of most portable restroom businesses:

  1. You run a similar service business and want to venture into the portable toilet sector. The number of toilets you’ll need vary widely if this is the main reason for starting a portable restroom renting business. 

Whether you currently run an equipment rental company or septic-pumping operations, having one or two portable restrooms is a sweet spot to test the waters, assuming your other business generates enough income to keep you afloat. 

However, you could start with 100 or even more toilets if money is not a problem.  

  1. You want to generate extra income while leaving room to expand in the long run. If this is your purpose for starting a porta potty business, you probably have a day job and are looking for a side gig to supplement your income. In that case, we recommend you launch your big idea with 10 portable washrooms. 

While these are insufficient to run a full-time operation, starting small has two main benefits: Cutting overhead costs and putting money in your pocket while studying the industry. 

  1. You want to build a full-time portable restroom business. If this is your ultimate goal, we recommend starting with 28 toilets. Why is this the lucky number? 

Twenty-eight is the maximum number of portable restrooms that fully fit a 53-foot semi-truck (53 feet is the standard dimension). Filling the semi is the most cost-saving decision when it comes to delivery. 

If you own a delivery trailer, its capacity should determine how many restrooms you should have when launching your business. For example, you may start with 20 porta potties if that’s all your delivery trailer can hold. 

Planning is vital when looking to start a full-time portable toilet rental company. Before officially stepping into the industry, you must evaluate whether there are good chances to thrive after launching the business. To achieve this, you must do four things: 

  1. Identify the area you will serve: You don’t want to start a business blindly. You need to identify the most suitable location by understanding protocols and regulations. Nearness to customers and infrastructure are also significant when evaluating a business location. 
  2. Research potential customers: Understanding your customer base from the outset helps mitigate risks, even while the business idea is nothing but a gleam in the eye. During the research, collect demographic information to deeply understand opportunities and limitations for getting customers in the porta potty industry.
  3. Evaluate the demand level: Is there a desire for your service in the target area? How many people or businesses would be interested in your portable toilet services? Various industries demand portable restroom services, including construction sites, concerts, carnivals, stadiums, sporting events, outdoor weddings, parties, and community events.
  4. You can pre-sell your services by contacting businesses and event organizers. Tell them you’re planning to launch a porta potty business and ask if they would consider using services from your company.
  5. Analyze competitors: Evaluating your competitors helps you learn from brands competing for your potential customers. This is crucial to gaining a competitive edge that generates sustainable revenue in your portable restroom business. 

Knowing the number of portable toilets to start your business shouldn’t be a headache. Let your goals guide you, and everything else will fall in place. 

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