How often should I redesign my business website? Signs your website needs a refurbish in 2024

Knowing when to call up a web designer and upgrade your website is difficult. It can be a costly investment but holding onto your old website can get harder when you watch competitors around you launch modern, responsive websites.

The internet is fast paced and ever evolving, hence a rule of thumb to follow is to redesign your website every 2-4 years. Some businesses may be able to hold onto their websites for longer, however here are the tell-tale signs that it’s time to call up a web developer for a new website.

Your website isn’t responsive

A responsive website is key in 2024. It’s believed that almost 60% of all internet searches now happen on mobile, so if your website isn’t properly optimised for all device types it’s time for a redesign!

Optimising for all device types is a basic necessity for any website in 2024 and you could be missing out on important leads. A good web designer will be able to easily adapt your website for mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

Google has also announced mobile-first indexing, which means websites must be mobile-friendly or they will lose traffic from Google. Not a risk worth taking!

Your website isn’t optimised for SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) should be a basic part of any business’ website strategy in 2024. Visibility on Google is important to capture leads that could otherwise go to your competitors. Optimising your website properly is key to ranking highly on search engine results pages.

Basic strategies like keyword optimisation, frequent content updates, and optimised title tags can make all the difference when trying to rank amongst the big dogs on Google and the best part is – no paid ads! Google Ads is a different profile of marketing, SEO focusses on using low-cost methods to get search engines to see your website and rank you highly for relevant terms.

Alongside the basics, there is a more technical side to SEO. An aged website will be lacking authority with Google because search engines value modern, easy to navigate websites. Further to this is technicalities such as error pages, no-follow links, and more. An experienced SEO agency can help to remedy issues such as there, or better yet a new website can be built to be optimised from the get-go!

Your website isn’t accessible

Depending on your target market you want your website to be accessible to the types of people you are trying to reach. For instance, you cut off a large part of your audience if your website isn’t accessible to those with sight-loss with well-written alt tags. 

Your website isn’t functional or fast

First impressions are important in the world of web design and development. Your website might be visually stunning, however if it doesn’t load quick enough your visitor will simply go elsewhere. Site navigation speed and function really does matter, put yourself into your visitors shoes; you want to be able to find the information you need or purchase a product without error pages and long load times getting in the way.

Your brand’s goals have changed

Your business’ website should always align with your values, philosophies, and goals. If you’ve not updated your website in 5+ years, it’s likely that your business has changed a lot in that time. Has your team grown? Is your product range more niche now? Did you add new services? All these things need to be reflected on your website.

Web design and branding have a huge impact when used together and can have a huge impact, positive or negative. A team of 50 can’t have the same website that you once had as a sole trader. It’s important that one look at your website gives off the correct impression to visitors.

Your website isn’t performing

When you look at traffic and results from your website are you satisfied with the result? If the answer is no, then it’s probably time for a website refurbish. There’s very little you can do to remedy a website that doesn’t convert customers or achieve the goals you’ve set for it, even if it once did.

Working alongside a professional web design agency is key to building a website for your business that achieves the goals you set for it. All websites should be designed you’re your business goals in mind; Whether you’re designing to sell products, inform, or encourage donations.


If you answered yes to any of these points, it’s probably time for a website update. Remember that the average lifespan of a website is 2-4 years so don’t be disheartened. Design trends change and technology advances, so to remain competitive you need to prioritise a new website.

Now it’s time to find a web designer that’s right for your business! Get ready to boost your business to new heights with a new website in 2024.

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