How Often Should You Have Your Business Cleaned?

A clean facility has numerous benefits — from boosting employee productivity to impressing guests and clients when they come in for a visit — but knowing how often to schedule a cleaning can be challenging to figure out.

Many factors come into play when figuring out how often to have a business cleaned.

Every business has different needs and requirements, but most businesses should be cleaned at least once a week. Those that have higher traffic should be cleaned more frequently, and spaces that hold events should schedule deep cleanings after each event. 

Before you can determine how often you should have your business cleaned, you must first answer a few questions to assess your business’ needs.

The following questions will help you discover how frequently to schedule your cleaning.

What Type of Business Do You Have?

Ask yourself: does your business deal with customers in person? Are you a retail store, a doctor’s office or a place with heavy foot traffic?

Companies that frequently meet with clients face-to-face should have cleanings scheduled at least once a week to keep a good reputation.

If your business doesn’t directly deal with customers in person, you can likely schedule bi-weekly or monthly cleaning to keep your facility in tip-top shape.

Another aspect to consider when figuring out how often to schedule commercial cleaning services is the kind of services your business provides.

A grocery store, school or medical facility should be cleaned more often than other types of business to keep the areas sanitized from the influx of foot traffic. Highly trafficked facilities should be cleaned daily.

How Big Is Your Office?

To figure out how often your building needs cleaning, consider how big your office is and how many employees you have. 

As you’d guess, smaller spaces and fewer employees mean messes don’t pile up as much and cleaning isn’t needed as often.

Imagine how dirty an office of seven would get compared to an office with 20+ employees.

The square footage of your building also matters when it comes to the frequency of cleaning. Larger businesses take longer to clean and therefore need to be cleaned more often.

Another factor to consider when it comes to commercial cleaning — the types of areas in your office. Do you have a kitchen? Restrooms?

Areas that attract germs (like restrooms) or messes (like kitchens) likely need to be cleaned on a daily or bi-daily basis.

Will You Need Specialty Cleaning Services?

Commercial cleaning services are typically broken down into two categories: recurring cleaning and deep cleaning (also called specialty cleaning).

Recurring commercial cleaning services include dusting, sweeping and emptying trash, which is standard for most businesses.

Specialty cleaning requires more upkeep and needs to be handled more frequently to keep your business presentable. Deep cleaning services include window cleaning, shampooing carpets, upholstery cleaning, laundry cleaning and groundskeeping. 

What’s Your Budget?

Budget is a significant factor when figuring out how often a business should schedule cleaning services.

Finding an appropriate cleaning schedule and company to provide a high-quality service that works for you while keeping within your budget is crucial. Often, cleaning companies try to work with you to find what fits your needs at a price you are comfortable with so both parties can benefit.

Scheduling cleanings too frequently will soak up all of your budget early on, leaving you to deal with filth for the rest of the time until your budget resets. A dirty work environment not only looks bad but can cause damage to your equipment and affect your employees’ health.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

The benefits that come with a clean work environment are significant.

Letting professionals complete office cleaning frees your employees from doing the cleaning themselves, leaving them to do their essential work.

A clean work environment also helps increase employee productivity while providing a safe space for you and your employees to work in. When employees are proud of the office they work in and are happy to be there, they will put out higher quality and more efficient work.

Regular commercial cleaning can also protect equipment. When dust builds up on items like keyboards or PCs, it can cause them to fail. Equipment that fails quicker than expected means it needs to be replaced more often, which increases costs for the company.

Determine Your Needs Before Hiring a Cleaning Company

Before you can adequately decide how frequently your business should be cleaned, you need to determine your company’s needs.

How many employees do you have? Is your office big or small?

How often do you have customers or guests coming into your business? Highly visited spaces like galleries, grocery stores and retail spaces need to be cleaned more frequently.

Next, decide if you will need special cleaning or traditional cleaning.

Lastly, figure out your budget allocation for cleaning services.

After answering these questions, you’ll be able to determine how often you should have your business cleaned.

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