How Often Should You Paint the Exterior of Your Home?

Your home’s exterior is everything when it comes to beauty and attractiveness. You can therefore improve its curb appeal by ensuring it always has good paint.

But there is always debate on just how often a homeowner should paint their places. Whereas different people may have different opinions, there is always that specific amount of time your current home should stay with the paint.

A professional offering exterior painting in San Jose will tell you that you need to repaint your house every four to six years to keep it in great shape. Others recommend at least 15 years before doing any real work on the house.

Generally, the time can vary depending on the following factors:


The location matters the most regarding the frequency of repainting a house. There are some places that don’t face too serious climatic conditions, while others experience the worst.

The home’s exterior takes all the hit from these conditions while keeping you safe indoors. Thus, areas with high and low temperatures or too much rain may be more demanding in such needs as painting.

Most exterior painters in San Jose understand just how much the weather affects homes. Thus, they are ready to update your home at any time.

Your Needs

Another factor that determines home repainting frequency is your specific needs. There are painters who would not mind repainting their properties as often as possible. Perhaps there is a new trend on the market, and they wish to update their current appearance.

In other words, you can repaint your home’s exterior whenever you feel that there is a need to. If you think there is some updating needed on the house, there is no need to wait until another time.

Emergency Repairs

Are you doing emergency repairs on your house? You should be searching for “exterior painters near me,” too. 

Perhaps your siding has faced storm damage, or a branch fell on it, and you need to repair it immediately. Waiting for too long may expose the house to more serious damages and hence, not worth the wait.

Luckily, most repair companies also offer painting services. You won’t have to look for other San Jose painters once you hire them.

Quality of the Paint

Choosing the right paint for your home in terms of quality and color is extremely crucial. Some companies offer the highest quality products, while others are not very good. Thus, you must be extremely careful when choosing.

High-quality paints will take longer before demanding a retouch, while poor-quality paint may not take you far. And that is why you need to hire only the most reputable and trusted painters in San Jose. They will know which paint is right for the region and will do a long-lasting job.


How often should you paint your home’s exterior, then? As you can see, there is no specific time right for such a job. You just need to look at your house and realize when there is a need for new paint. Or, consider the recommendation at the beginning of this article.

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