How One Plastic Surgeon Is Engaging Employees to Do Their Best Work Ever From the Office

Dr. Ryan Neinstein, founder of Neinsten Plastic Surgery

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change,” Albert Einstein famously said during his brilliant career. Even though these words were uttered more than a hundred years ago, they couldn’t be more relevant today.

In the last few years, Covid-19 has forever changed the employment landscape, resulting in a shortage of staff in all sectors, particularly in the healthcare field. But while the medical industry is struggling to find professional experts and adapt to the new employees’ demands, Dr. Neinstein’s team has never been more engaged and thriving!

Often referred to as the ‘surgeons’ surgeon,’ Dr. Ryan Neinstein is the founder of Neinstein Plastic Surgery, a clinic located in Manhattan. According to Dr. Neinstein, employers are not leaving businesses to find jobs allowing them to have hybrid work schedules, but because of a lack of growth and learning opportunities.

So, how did Dr. Neinstein manage to avoid the Covid-19 employment crisis? In this article, we will go through his most valuable suggestions to create the perfect workspace environment and attract the best employees. 

Focus on the core purpose of your business

According to Dr. Neinstein, people do not merely work for financial gain. Employees are becoming more and more interested in the core values of their company and choose to work for businesses that reflect their own ideas and ethics.

Only when people genuinely believe in the core purpose of a business will they keep their motivation and enthusiasm high in the long run.

Embrace age diversity

Dr. Anna Steve, Dr. Ryan Neinstein, Dr. Chris Funderburk of Neinstein Plastic Surgery

Having a diverse team will help your business quickly adjust to different challenges. Not by chance, within Neinstein Plastic Surgery there are five different generations of employees. While younger surgeons have more experience with technology, older generations can share their knowledge on work-life balance. 

 Don’t neglect the physical space

When Dr. Neinstein opened his clinic, many colleagues suggested avoiding spending too much money on the design of his workspace. This is often considered an unnecessary expense in the medical field but Dr. Neinstein thought otherwise. He firmly believed that the space surrounding us has a powerful influence on our mood and productivity and decided to invest in it.

“I wanted to go to a space that excited and inspired me. You can’t do good work without a space that amplifies the message of the practice,” said Dr. Neinstein. This is why he took the decision to go over the top on holiday décor, investing in a breakfast bar, and focusing on design details that would make each client feel welcome. “Simply put, people love coming to work in a beautiful space every day,” said Dr. Neinstein. 

 Prioritize teaching over delegating 

There is a huge difference between allowing autonomy of decision and not giving any sort of directions. Nowadays, employers are interested in immersive learning experiences as these help them grow as professionals. When members of Dr. Neinstein’s team are promoted to a new role, they are provided with courses in renowned institutions such as the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania or The Disney Institute to learn how to make the most of their new job position. 

Create connections 

All employees want to feel valued and appreciated for their work. This is why it is fundamental to spend time getting to know your employees outside of work and create personal connections with them. Empathize with them whenever they come to you with a problem and see their uniqueness as a point of strength rather than weakness. 

By following these simple tips, you will be able to create the perfect workspace environment and attract a team of enthusiastic professionals. “Moral, civic, and physical excellence are core virtues in people that we attract. We don’t just accept people’s unique life dilemmas, we embrace them,” said Dr. Neinstein. 

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