How quality shop signage will increase your customer base

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You currently seem to be on a roll that only dreams are made of after taking redundancy from a humdrum job that you didn’t enjoy and were going through the motions in, despite it paying a decent salary. Many mates questioned your judgement, but how you have backed up your decision.

In your spare time you were brewing your own beer, starting off at home prior to purchasing some proper equipment and giving it a proper go once your permanent employment came to an end. You didn’t just take guesses, having enrolled in business courses once it became obvious that you were rather good at the brewing game. I mean you had tasted enough beers in your time to have some idea as to what would work.

You spent money that some thought an unnecessary cost on proper marketing. Here you are now having employed extra staff, with a prominent website and a dedicated app which reaches out to customers and enables them to buy bottles of your ale through it. You are now opening a bar attached to your new brewing plant in a good part of town. To compliment it all you understand the importance of getting in touch with a company offering shop signage in Brisbane. The right signage is vital for several reasons.

  • You want clear communication so that potential customers passing by previously unaware of your company know exactly what you are offering. You want it to be vibrant but stylish, so getting in a quality team with years of experience who can offer both design and manufacturing services, which is perfect as you want your signage to be directional and to a high standard of safety.
  • It is important that your signage has the same identity as the brand your marketing partners have developed for you. You want existing customers to recognise the shop through the same font and logo that they have become accustomed to, with hopefully the same formula continuing to further outlets if this one takes off. The company you are putting your hands in offer illuminated signage, ideal for when the bar is open at night, and has a huge portfolio working with established companies and ensuring their prominence.
  • Through the winning formula, the signage will be in the subconscious of those who see the shop as they will then recognise your vans with the same livery. The graphics have also been administered by your signage team who are playing a huge part in the brand awareness of your brewing concern.
  • You want your signage to appeal to the right customer base, so working with the right team who can offer professional advice is vital. You don’t want it to deter drinkers by going too upmarket, as you want a welcoming atmosphere. The signage will play a part in setting the tone.

Getting in touch with the right team to offer you quality signage will be a huge step in establishing your business to passing trade which will increase your overall customer base.

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