How Quickly A Storage unit Can Be Rented in London

Renting a storage unit surely provides space freedom. No matter if you are renting a storage unit for the first time. Storage facilities are easy to find especially in Brighton. The storage unit providers mostly offer a broad range of units and services that fulfill your needs and pocket. In this article, you will get to know about storage units and how you can get a storage unit in London in minimum time.

Available Storage Options:

First, you need to understand the storage options you have according to your need.

  1. Full-Service Storage:

A full-service storage company usually offers services of picking your items from the address and then shifting them to the storage unit. These types of companies are often referred to as valet-style services companies.

In Brighton, you may simply use your phone to schedule a pickup or return call. Full-service storage companies are a bit more popular among students in London as students don’t have enough time due to their studies and part-time jobs too engage in shifting tasks. The full-service style companies simply take images of the belongings as proof and keep records in writing as well. Its effects are more prominent when a customer forgets about his exact belongings and then the company reminds him by showing the inventory list and the images. 

  1. Self Storage:

Self-storage is considered a much famous option for storage needs. Self-storage services proved a safe and secure method to store items from home.

Apart from the above, you may also store larger items like boats. In the self-storage model, customers are supposed to deliver items to storage units. Also, it’s their responsibility to collect items whenever they need them. Moreover, customers keep records of inventory they are storing in units.

Customers often inquire how quickly a storage unit is rented. It’s only answer is that it depends on how organized they are. Bystored storage Brighton is one of the pioneer self-storage companies in the UK. They have been working in the London Self Storage market for many years. It’s pretty much natural that organizing a storage unit is not often a priority when you are packed with moving home tasks.

But transferring items in storage is extremely important. It will enable you to move loft. In case you renovate your house then it will keep the items away from dust.

If you are serious about the move then you can rent a storage unit in even 30 minutes or less. What you all have to do is just follow simple steps to fasten the whole process of renting a storage unit.

 Steps to Rent Storage unit Quickly: 

The following 4 steps may help to rent unit very fast:

Step#1: Visit Storage Units:

It is highly recommended to visit and see with your eyes that a 25 sq. ft storage room has sufficient space. No one other than you have a better idea of the item you are going to store and if it will fit or not. Bystored storage Brighton surely offers guidance about how to pack the storage room to ensure that customers only pay for the space they need.

Step#2: Sign Storage Agreement:

Once you are done with finalization of storage room size requirements. You will have to fill out a form of storage agreement containing personal details Usually self-storage associations of the UK storage agreement are provided to customers. It contains clauses on how the tenancy agreement works.

Step#3: Give Identity details:

Most of the self-storage companies in the UK have strict policies when it comes to taking onboard storage services clients. The documents needed include photo ID, just like a passport or driving license. Also the address proof just like a utility bill. So, you should not forget to take these documents with you if you want to rent self-storage services quickly.

Step#4: Payment:

Considering safety measures, the self-storage company may ask for debit/credit card first payment. This method makes it easy for the storage providers to even refund for the unused storage space or return the security deposit in case a customer decides to no longer avail services.

Flexible Storage:

Self-storage companies client’s requirements may change during the tenure of service. It might be possible that storage needs get reduced or increased. Whatever is the case, the self-storage company provides the option to downsize the storage room or get more space according to the requirement. It is quite obvious that the cost will increase if you have to get more space. On the contrary, if you choose to reduce storage space then definitely you will get back some credit.

It is worth mentioning here that many self-storage companies provide free insurance with every storage unit.


Following are a few common faqs about renting a storage unit:

What size of the storage unit should I choose to rent?

The self-storage companies offer various size units for rent. The most common sizes are 5’x5’, 5’x10’, 10’x10’, 10’x15’, and 10’x20’. Large-size storage units are also offered. but the price and area depend upon the boxes count customer requests. A full-service provider may give different size units.

How is the cost of a storage unit calculated?

The cost of a storage unit is merely dependent upon the area you are acquiring and how long you are going to store the items. Self-storage services as offered by Bystored Storage Brighton Company are generally offered on a monthly payments model. Hence, clients will be able to store goods on both short-term and long-term basis. A full-service storage company may sign a contract with the client for a minimum of 3 months.

Wrapping Up!

A self-storage unit can be rented quickly by following simple steps as discussed in the article. If you have a different experience about tenure of renting then do share in the comments section.

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