How Ready Is Japan for the Tokyo Olympics?

Due to unprecedented circumstances, The Tokyo 2020 Olympics got postponed a year while still bearing 2020 in their name. In most fans’ eyes, these games were to be the most thrilling ones in recent memory. Baseball was making a comeback, and sports such as freestyle BMX, 3×3 basketball, karate, and skateboarding were going to make their Olympic debuts.

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Sadly, the ongoing global pandemic delayed the event, killing much of the excitement associated with it. With looming health concerns, people are now wondering not only how the event will take place but if it should at all.

Interest in Online Betting Is High

One industry that flourished amidst the global pandemic is online gambling. Gambling giant Flutter Entertainment reported that their gaming revenue over this past summer rose by 30%, and they expect the Olympics to help them achieve even higher numbers in 2021.

In Japan, betting is only legal on horse racing, cycling, motorcycle, and powerboat racing. For Olympic wagering, Japanese bettors have to visit sites like to discover offshore operators that will accept them.

Japan Is Running Test Events to Prepare

In mid-2020, The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee decided that they should run a plethora of test events so that their workers and management could gain experience for the summer games. These divide into two categories, international and domestic.

  • The first group numbered 34 events, which would have taken place regardless of the Olympics. They only got the help of the Olympic staff in light of these new circumstances.
  • The domestic ones are 22 events organized by the Tokyo committee under the name – Ready, Steady, Tokyo.

Prime Minister Pledges Mass Vaccination by June

With the summer games being only a few months away, many within the Olympic staff have raised concerns over the lack of vaccination. To address this issue, on April 12th, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga reiterated that he promises that by June, the country will secure over 100 million doses. The Japanese government was cautious in approving vaccines compared to other nations, so their roll-out has been very slow.

Challenges Faced Leading up to the Games

Leading up to the games, the Tokyo 2020 committee faced several unpredictable challenges. In February, its president Yoshiro Mori resigned over sexist remarks. In April, the Diving World Cup got canceled.

FINA then moved the marathon swim Olympic qualifier from Fukuoka to Portugal due to safety concerns. There also has been vast media covered regarding asbestos in Olympic venues, a well-known health hazard.

Safety Precautions at the Tokyo Olympics

At the start of February, the International Olympic Committee published a first draft of its playbook for running a successful and safe event this summer. Its rules entail that all spectators must refrain from cheering or singing, athletes cannot shake hands or hug before and after contests, and delegation headcount will be at a minimum. Athletes cannot visit shops, tourist sites, and restaurants while in Japan, and overseas fans cannot attend the games.

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