How The Crowdfunding Formula Helps Innovations Succeed in the Market: Review

Innovation is the heartbeat of progress, yet for many entrepreneurs, bringing a new idea to market can feel like a daunting puzzle. Success relies on more than just a great product; it requires the right strategy, the right timing, and crucially, the right support. In this post, we’ll explore how The Crowdfunding Formula (TCF), a leader in the crowdfunding and product launch arena, has become an indispensable ally to innovators by decoding the enigmatic path to bringing a product from concept to market. Whether you’re considering crowdfunding or seeking to understand the elements that drive a product’s success, read on as we dissect the winning formula.

Who is The Crowdfunding Formula in the Crowdfunding World

The Crowdfunding Formula isn’t your average company offering crowdfunding campaign services. It stands as a pioneering force that has redefined how innovations are introduced to the market by merging psychology, data analysis, and cutting-edge marketing tactics. TCF prides itself on turning dreams into reality by solving the modern innovator’s dilemma—how to fund, promote, and launch their product effectively.

Decoding Success Factors You’ll Gain With TCF

What sets TCF apart is its approach to crowdfunding as a science rather than an art. Their methodology turns unpredictable crowdfunding into a calculable science. Learning the TCF method may be compared to unlocking a vault, as it provides a blueprint for product validation, community building, and scaling success before the first unit is even produced.

Analyzing Key Elements that Contribute to Crowdfunding Success from TCF’s POV

Among the myriad variables that factor into a successful crowdfunding campaign, TCF hones in on key elements. From crafting the perfect product pitch and pricing strategy to leveraging influencer outreach and converting backers into lifelong customers, TCF leaves no stone unturned. The agency adopts a hands-on approach, dedicating a team of experts to each project, ensuring the highest chance of success.

TCF provides the A-Z full crowdfunding campaign management. This includes, market research and analysis, landing page creation and lead generation, email marketing, content marketing, crowdfunding campaign page copywriting and design, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, PR and outreach, as well as backer support.

Where more targeted services are required TCF also covers advertising campaigns, actively competing among themselves to see which teammate can gain the highest ROI on every ad. 

Innovations and The Crowdfunding Formula

Crowdfunding has become the launchpad for many successful innovations, and TCF has been the decisive factor behind several standout campaigns. These aren’t just ordinary gadgets—they are groundbreaking technologies that have reshaped industries.

KaraPure – Making Pure Water from the Air

KaraPure‘s vision to make pure water readily available in any environment struck a chord with the public. TCF’s campaign strategy turned a noble idea into a reality, gaining global attention and 277% of its funding goal.

GoChess – Redefining The Classic Game

GoChess didn’t just add technology to a classic game; it remodeled strategic play for the digital world. TCF’s crowdfunding strategy saw GoChess not only surpass its funding target but also build a community of strategic players eagerly waiting for the product’s launch. In just the first 24 hours alone the campaign raised $500K, eventually going on to raise over $3,000,000.

Elecjet – The World’s Fastest Charging Power Bank

Elecjet‘s mission to disrupt the power bank market was met with resounding success, more than doubling its funding goal. With TCF’s guidance, Elecjet attracted a wave of backers ready to power their lives at breakneck speed. The success was also backed by groundbreaking technology since Elecjet is powered by graphene and not by traditional lithium batteries. The power bank is capable of charging itself fully in 27 minutes. Thus, it was no wonder that Elecjet was covered over 400 times by media outlets, social media and more.

Dragonfly – The World’s First Hyperscooter

Dragonfly isn’t just a scooter; it’s a signal of the future of transportation. The idea came from Jez Williman, founder and CEO of the UK-based D-Fly Group. TCF made sure his inspirational journey of overcoming obstacles to innovation was front and center in the PR campaign that garnered over 300 publications in the media. The agency was also instrumental in developing the videos that best illustrated the full capabilities of the scooter. 

In addition, TCF implemented a 5-funnel aggressive advertising strategy, which successfully raised the conversion rate despite the product’s price tag.

Understanding the Market Dynamics

In this digital age, the currency of trust is community. Crowdfunding harnesses this truth by democratizing the process of bringing products to market. TCF’s expertise aligns perfectly with these market dynamics, helping innovators to leverage community building as a potent pre-launch strategy.

The explosive growth of eCommerce and the widespread use of social media have revolutionized how products reach consumers. TCF understands these shifts and helps innovators capitalize on them through a well-crafted crowdfunding campaign.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are flourishing worldwide, and TCF is at the forefront, helping innovators stand out in a crowded marketplace. By cultivating a campaign that speaks to consumer needs and desires, TCF’s approach ensures that a product doesn’t just reach the market but lands with impact.

Drawbacks of Working with TCF

While we’ve established that TCF is a great agency, it may not be the right fit for everyone. Based on our research, here’s what we were able to conclude:

  1. TCF does not work with every campaign; there is a vetting process you must go through a qualify
  2. Their rates are higher than most of the other agencies (which they justify by the fact that each project receives a dedicated team.)
  3. Do not have much expertise in tabletop game categories, a popular category on Kickstarter


Bringing a new product to market is a Herculean task, but with the right support, it’s a challenge that any innovator can overcome. The Crowdfunding Formula has demonstrated its prowess in shepherding innovations through the treacherous initial stages to become household names. By understanding the principles of TCF and its ability to decipher the crowdfunding code, entrepreneurs can position themselves for success.

The case studies we’ve explored are not isolated incidents but rather representative of a larger trend. TCF’s methodology is more than a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a flexible, data-driven system that adapts to the unique needs of each project. For those on the cusp of launching their brainchild, the lessons shared here could be the edge needed to turn potential into reality. With TCF, the entrance to the market isn’t just opened; it’s flung wide with potential, offering a clear path for innovators to carve their niche and make their mark on the world.