How the Instagram Algorithm Works and How to Use It to Your Advantage

Today, we’ll be unveiling the Instagram Algorithm and share the tactics for growth of your Instagram page. 

Many people have been really curious about the Instagram Algorithm and how it works, a question that many of us have been dealing with because of Instagram changing it’s algorithm from a chronological one to a different one which has left every one inquisitive. 

Here, we’ll be looking at the Algorithm Instagram follows for Reels, Stories, Feed Posts, and the Explore Page. Also, discover some top tips to “control” the Instagram Algorithm to get a more good response for your business or brand. 

The Instagram Algorithm For 2022 

If you’ve ever researched about the Instagram Strategy, about how several things operate and work here, you would have probably read about the ever-changing “Instagram Algorithm.” 

But, there are multiple algorithms across the app. With each and every algorithm designed to generate and deliver content that would be of high interest to the users. 

Hence, if one knows about the algorithms and their working, one can design their content strategy accordingly. 

By following the Instagram Algorithm for various fields like the Reels section, the Feed Page, the stories and the Explore Page your page is likely to prosper and grow overnight. So here are the tips and tricks to master the Instagram Algorithm. 

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work for Feed Posts and Videos? (2022)

Some Key Factors which influence the Instagram Algorithm for Feed posts (confirmed by Instagram itself) –

Based on 4 factors, Instagram decides and recommends posts accordingly to the user

The factors being:

  1. Information about the post
  2. Information about the poster
  3. Your activity
  4. Your interaction history

Based on these 4 factors, Instagram’s Algorithm calculates your scope of interest, which then determines the order of the posts displayed on your feed. 

In addition to these 4 factors, there are 5 more important interactive points that they evaluate: 

  1. Time Spent
  4. Taps on the profile page
  5. Saves

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work for Insta Stories in 2022?

Just like it works for the feed, it works for the Instagram stories too. The stories that appear at the start of your insta feed are mostly from the accounts that you engage with the most. 

However, since the stories are shown for 24 hours, it’s possible that the person may swipe to see your content. 

Keeping this in mind, one must keep posting stories on Instagram. It will be one good way to increase followers. Here’s one way how you can gain instant Instagram followers

The more consistently you post stories, the farther the reach of your content, and the more views you get, the better the ranking.  

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Works for Reels (2022)?

For anyone who is a beginner on Instagram and wishes to increase their reach through this social media platform, Reels can be a major contributor for the same.

 One just needs to know the Reels Algorithm and post accordingly to gain more followers and views.

According to the suggestions given by Instagram, users should create content that is entertaining, unique, and motivational.

Creative tools like text, special effects of the camera, and filters should be used to make the content attractive. 

Avoid posting blurred Reels, or the ones which lag. Make sure that the Reel looks attractive to you yourself first. 

If you post low-resolution Reels then it is less likely that those reels would be displayed on the Explore Page or the Insta Reels Tab. 

Posting High- Quality Reels, with entertaining and unique content will provide one with a great deal of views, saves and shares. 

By following these tips, you’re more likely to progress on Instagram and naturally more people will be attracted towards your Instagram Profile. 

You should share your Instagram Reels on your main profile page so that more people can view them. 

How Does the Instagram Algorithm work for the Explore Page (2022)?

If we look closely, the algorithm for the explore page and the feed posts is quite similar. Both of these pages deliver content that the user is most likely to view and like. 

The Instagram feed is made up of the content that you follow, the accounts that you like and engage with on a day-to-day basis. Whereas, the explore page contains all kinds of content, whether you like it or not. 

Just remember, that the Explore Page is trying to serve the users with the best and the most impressive content, so getting your posts on the explore page is not that difficult if the choice of your hashtags are correct and used properly. 

The most significant signals for the Explore Page are as follows- 

  • Information about the post and who posted it
  • Your history of interaction with the person who posted it
  • Your activity status
  • Information about the person who posted it 

The content should also look pleasing to the user, should give aesthetic vibes so that he/she likes it and recommends it to others too.

The Explore Page is constantly improving, with a new feature like the advanced search functionality which enables you to search for hashtags too. 

For example- #books, #mountains

Hence, putting good captions and inserting popular hashtags would lead to your content’s popularity and will give a boost to your Instagram Page. 

To Use The Instagram Algorithm for Your Advantage, You Can Follow the Steps Written Below:  

  • Posting Reels on a daily basis: Consistency shows results everywhere. If you post reels on a daily basis people are more likely to visit your profile and give your content the required likes and shares. 
  • Better your hashtag strategy: Adding lots of hashtags to your post would only help if the hashtags are relevant, so make sure to do that. 
  • Cross-Promote your content: You can collab with people and jointly put posts on Instagram now. This is an incredible way to reach out to more users. 
  • Look out for your Instagram Analytics: By keeping a check on the stats of your Instagram Page, you will get to know which content people liked the most and you can then work on that basis. 


So, if you wish to increase your reach on Instagram and to gain more followers, views and likes on your Instagram Page, you should act according to the various algorithms suggested by Instagram itself which will lead you to success and growth. 

We hope this helped you. Thank you for reading!

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