How The World’s Top Companies Create Their Membership Sites

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Any successful business will likely tell you that one of the best ways to make money is by taking advantage of recurring revenue. A stable, continuous stream of money coming in will give you that essential security that is essential for the long-term success of a business, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by creating a subscription model.

A membership site offers consumers access to specific content which is exclusively available for only those who have created their membership. These subscriptions can be free, but more often than not, a customer will be charged a specific amount, either in monthly, 6 monthly or yearly installments.

Membership sites aren’t just restricted to one niche. Whether you’d like to exclusively share text, audio, visuals, community forums or a physical product, there is a subscription model that can work for just about everyone. Take a look at how the world’s top companies create their membership sites:

Use a Clear Call to Action- Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh are known worldwide as one of the most popular meal subscription services, with the website claiming that using their service will save you time, stress and money. Attention-grabbing call-to-action buttons are scattered across their website, from a banner with an offer to take 30% off your first two boxes, to a pop up which promises you 50% off first order if you subscribe to Hello Fresh’s newsletter.

Using a call to action like this is a quick way to encourage your customer to sign up there and then, if they feel like they’re getting a great deal out of it.

The Option for a Free Trial- Study Gateway

Those searching online for help with Bible Studies will be instantly drawn to Study Gateway’s free trial option. This 7-day offer is available to individuals, small groups and churches, with Study Gateway assuring customers that they can cancel at any time.

A free trial gives people a chance to try before they buy. Choosing to spend your hard-earned money on a monthly subscription service is a big commitment, and most people feel more comfortable when they know exactly what their money will be going towards.

Members-Only Online Communities- Circle

Humans are sociable creatures, and we will naturally be pulled towards other like-minded individuals. Building an engaged community allows for people with certain hobbies, talents or interests to easily find and communicate with each other, and is essential for the success of any brand.

When looking to create a membership site, Circle is a great option. No matter what niche you fall into, you can easily set up a premium membership community which can expand out to coaching, courses and product sales.

Show Customers That They’re Saving Money- FabFitFun

There is a natural sense of guilt that comes with spending money, especially when you’re splashing your cash on something that’s less essential than food or the mortgage. When advertising your subscription service, a way to get around the guilt and doubts that your potential customers may be feeling is to inform them of how much they will be saving in the long run.

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