How To Apply For Film Schools In India?

Film Making is a fine art that entails conceiving a story, transforming a story into a script, writing dialogues, directing, art direction, music recording, cinematography, sound recording, lighting, shooting, editing, production controlling, and screening. The film is a media platform to not only bring your ideas to life but also convey a message to the public at large.

Being a fundamental part of our life, Cinema mirrors society. It is a combination of entertainment, glamour, emotions, drama & action. Film making not only lets you explore your creativity, but also helps channelize it in a constructive direction.


Film making is an interesting, multifaceted field involving precision, detailing as well as total commitment from the various stakeholders. Important skills required to be a filmmaker are:

  • Creativity & Innovative visualisation
  • Knowledge of photography, lighting, and shot composition
  • Eye for detail to ensure perfection
  • Patience
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving approach

Reasons to study Film making course:

  1. Filmmaking offers an opportunity to showcase to the world your creativity, your
  2. Film making is one of the few fields that not only offer creative satisfaction, but also fame, fortune, and glamour.
  3. Being multifaceted and multidisciplined, the impressive skillset gained during filmmaking can be applied to excel in various other fields.
  4. Traveling, meeting new people, exploring new places, cultures, and cuisine is an inherent part of Film making.


In order to be eligible for Film making course, students must clear their 12th Class  

Film making course:

While there are many schools offering film making courses, in order to excel you should join a college that offers:

  • The curriculum at the college must teach you about storytelling & production, two key dimensions in film making.
  • The colleges must make sure that the curriculum is curetted as per the ensuing market trends as well as contemporary screen practices.
  • College must ensure Technical Expertise. The curriculum must offer competencies in Digital camera shoot, shot composition, camera angles, lighting skills, colours, filters, Non-linear FCP based editing, sound design, audiovisual productions, budgeting, use of online medium, etc.
  • College must offer both theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on training. In order to build familiarity as well as capabilities, courses ensure live projects with not only film, ad films & television production houses, but also in various allied fields like sound design, postproduction, VFX & Animation, Scripting, editing and online, etc.
  • Besides internships, regular workshops with industry experts will open students to updated trends
  • College must not only inspire students to build their portfolios but also showcase their creativity by participating in various film festivals.
  • Students should also be taught about ways to visualize and come up with distinct ideas, research diligently their ideas or concepts before penning down a script.
  • College must provide Leadership skills as well as ways to source funding for your projects in addition to budgeting for the entire project.

Thus, to build a dream career, look no further. Apply immediately into a Film making course.

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