How To Apply for Singapore Visa from India? – A Quick Guide for 2022

The city-state of Singapore, also known as the Lion City, is a melting pot of world cultures located on an island off the southern coast of Malaysia. The moniker “Lion City” embodies the spirit of the place and is a permanent part of its name. Since gaining its independence in 1965, Singapore, which was first established as a British trading colony in 1819, cemented its position as a major international trade and finance center. 

The island country ranks high on the list of most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its reputation as one of the safest and cleanest locations to visit in the entire world.

But why apply for a Singapore Visa for Indians, you ask?

Why Choose Singapore?

The answer is quite simple. Every year, millions of tourists visit this island nation for its vibrant neighborhoods, mouthwatering fusion cuisine, ancient temples, thrilling wildlife reserves, and opulent malls. 

Singapore is a cultural melting pot, and part of what makes it so amazing is its diversity. The city has an alluring mix of the old and contemporary, from ethnic pockets with their traditions to gleaming skyscrapers rising in the skyline.

Before starting your Singapore Visa application, it is very important that you first meet the Singapore Visa requirements for Indians. We’ll discuss the Singapore Visa requirements, Singapore Visa fees, and how you can get a Singapore Visa online later in this post.

Applying Online VS Via Post

You’ve probably heard that you can apply for a Singapore Visa online, but what does that entail? Don’t stress just yet because this section will tell you more about applying online and briefly explain how to apply for a Singapore work permit online.

How To Apply for Your Singapore Visa Online?

The Singapore Visa for Indians online application might be the easiest way to apply for your Singapore Tourist Visa. It’s as easy as heading downloading the Singapore Tourist Visa application form 14A, completing it, and just saving. After that, your local contact or travel agency must start your Singapore Visa online application.

How To Apply for Your Singapore Visa Via Post?

Applying via post implies that you will be applying for your Singapore Tourist Visa at a Singapore Embassy or Consulate. Now, the steps are almost the same as the Singapore Online Visa. However, suppose you apply via the post. In that case, you must send your printed required documents to the appropriate Singaporean Mission office in India to be processed.

Once they have your documents, only then can they start processing your Singapore Visa for Indians.

Documents Required and Tips on Completing the Application Form

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the Singapore Visa for Indians, we must discuss the Singapore Visa for Indians’ required documents. I will also discuss some tips for completing the Singapore Visa application form.

– What Is the Singapore Visa for Indians Required Documents?

– How To Complete the Singapore Visa for Indians Application Form?

What Is the Singapore Visa for Indians Required Documents?

As you might have guessed, the Singapore Visa for Indians application must be accompanied by a few required documents. Here is a list of the documents required for a Singapore Visa application:

– A completed and signed Singapore Visa application form

– A valid passport with six months validity.

– A copy of the bio-data page of your passport

– Passport size color photograph on a white background and must meet the requirements.

– Proof of hotel accommodation

– Proof that you paid your Singapore visa fee (payslip).

– Copy of return flight ticket.

– Bank statements of the last six months to prove you have enough finances to fund your visit.

– On a different document, you must provide your contact number and email address.

– An invitation letter from your business contact in Singapore

– Health or travel insurance (I always recommend getting health and travel insurance for international travel).

– A Letter of Introduction for Visa Application is required depending on the visa application.

How To Complete the Singapore Visa for Indians Application Form?

Completing the Singapore Visa for Indians application form is very easy. However, some travelers make mistakes when completing it, which can be the reason for a Singapore Visa rejection. But don’t worry, we know you won’t be that traveler because here is everything you need to know when completing the Singapore Visa application form:

Ensure your information is correct:

The most important thing about the Singapore Visa application is that you must ensure to complete the correct information. This is important because you must submit documents corresponding to your application form. For example, suppose you make a mistake on your application form, such as a wrong passport number. In that case, your Singapore Visa will be denied due to incorrect information.

Where To Apply?

Okay, so we’ve covered the Singapore Visa required documents, the application form, and more. But where do you apply for your Singapore Visa for Indians?

You can apply for your Singapore Visa for Indians at one of the following places:

Online through the ICA portal

When applying online, you must head to the ICA online portal to start your Singapore Visa application. Please remember that your Singapore Visa online application can only be made by a Local Contact, Authorized Visa Agent, or a Strategic Partner.

Singapore Embassy in India

When applying through a Singapore Embassy in India, the first thing is to find one nearest to you. After locating it, I suggest you call them to find out everything about the Singapore Visa application. After gathering your documents, phone the embassy and book an appointment. 

Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive a call center application number. The last thing you must do is submit your Singapore Visa for Indians application and wait for it to be processed.

> Please remember that Indian citizens do not enjoy Singapore Visa on Arrival and must apply for a Singapore Visa online or in person.

What Is the Visa Processing Time?

The length of time authorized visa agents must process applications filed by Indian residents varies based on where the agents are located after the visa application has been submitted. The processing time is 3 (three) days if the application is handed into a licensed visa agent headquartered outside of Chennai and Bengaluru. The authorized visa agents headquartered in the major cities of Bangalore and Chennai process the visa applications after 1 (one) working day.

You’re probably also asking, “Do I need to pay a fee?”

The answer is yes; you must pay a Singapore Visa application fee of 1,152 INR (SGD 30).

What’s Next?

The last thing you must do is sit back, relax and plan your next trip. After your Singapore Visa application is approved, you are ready for the Singaporean experience.

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