How to Attach Composite Deck Edge Picture Frame

Installing trim boards around the deck’s perimeter is a useful way to finish the surface of composite decking. This method is also known as racetrack decking or deck picture framing.

Where the picture frame boards will be parallel to the joists, blocking needs to be fitted in between them. Short deck boards could be needed for framing, depending on how the deck is designed. There are a few standard installation procedures to remember when installing them.

The Construction of a Picture Frame Deck

Step 1: Install Support for the Decking Border

Install blocking at least 16″ in the center along the deck’s sides, 1-1/2″ below the top of the frame. You might be able to block with leftover material.

Step 2: Set Up the Image Frame for the Border

To provide a surface for fastening the picture frame decking and to finish fastening the field decking boards, place 2×4 material on top of the blocking surrounding the deck.

Step 3: Run the Border Around an Angled Corner

Fit the photo frame border, leaving the appropriate amount of overhang. Due to the skirting and fascia boards that will be laid outside the frame below, in this instance, it is 2-1/4″.

Step 4: Make Space for Rail Post Installation

Around the rail posts, notch the edge of the picture frame. For a picture frame made of composite decking, provide a space of between 1/8″ and 1/4″ to accommodate thermal expansion. It is possible to notch wood picture frame decking flat with the post.

Step 5: Proceed with the Frame Along the Wall of the House

Continuing the picture frame decking along the wall of the house is an option. Take note of the corner’s 45-degree miter cut. In this instance, in order to keep the final board from being just 3/4″ wide, we had to chop down the final two deck boards in the field.

How Can the Edge of a Picture Frame Be Secured?

No composite deck board should, in general, be supported by fewer than three joists below. Extra support should be erected in between the regular spacing when short pieces are required to finish the deck picture frame. It’s also crucial to reduce the area where the decking and support come into touch.

In order to ensure that the picture frame boards are precisely in the same plane as the main decking boards, picture framing a deck demands careful attention to detail. Because the blocking in parallel joists is not flush with the top of the other joists, or because the outer rim joists are not flush with the joists, the deck picture frame boards cannot be tilted in any direction. When considering how to image frame a deck, this is a problem that is frequently disregarded.

It’s easy to secure the picture frame boards. Usually, the outer board needs to be face attached. Regarding the screws to use, the distance between them, and the plugs to conceal these screws, consult the installation instructions.

Screws piercing the board’s face are necessary for face-fastened decking. Special screws with plugs made of the decking itself are frequently found on high-quality composite decking. Using a specialized driver, countersink the screws so that the screw head is approximately ¼ inch below the surface. This allows the plug to be tapped into place, concealing the screw.

How many lengths Should a Deck with Picture Frames Have?

To tuck the fascia board underneath, some deck builders install the trim board above the rim joist’s edge by roughly an inch. As a result, water can escape the edge of the board. This little addition can make a big difference in how your deck looks overall.

Extra Things to Take Into Account When Installing Picture Frame Decking

Make sure to take into account the attachment of your rail system as well as the intersection of your rail posts with the surrounding decking.

Installing the picture-frame border is actually not that much more difficult than installing standard decking planks. It is essential that you take the time to check that the picture frame boards are straight as they run parallel to the main decking boards. If there is an irregularity in the decking’s spacing, viewers will notice it since the primary decking boards extend beyond the picture frame.

Use the same tools that you would use to secure all the other decking boards when installing a picture frame. You may achieve clean miter joist cuts for the picture frame corners with the aid of a precision miter-box saw. A jigsaw, a tape measure, a drill, a drill/driver, and some string are required. Make sure you view any installation videos that the decking manufacturer provides. These tools will assist you in avoiding costly errors.

Start Organizing Your Deck Right Now

When building a deck, you should definitely take a picture frame deck pattern into consideration. The picture-frame effect creates intrigue, particularly if the decking material used for the frame is a different color. Installing the picture frame blocking requires a little more labor, but the praise you’ll receive from your neighbors and friends will make it worthwhile.

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