How To Avoid Hiring Mistakes

The hiring process is the most crucial in a company. By finding the right candidate, the company can increase not only employee productivity but also company revenue. However, if it is not planned properly, errors can occur in the recruitment process. It may seem small, but it can have a big impact in the future.

This is very dangerous because the hiring procedure costs money. The US Department of Labor estimates that poor recruiting decisions can cost an employer up to 30% of a worker’s annual income. This amount is staggering to be a wasted expense! Thus why companies should try to ensure that they can avoid costly hiring errors. 

However, recruiting correctly for the first time is not always possible, particularly when there is a deadline for filling a position. Thus everyone is in a rush to hire an employee to fill in the position.

Here are some tips that the human resource department can do to avoid some frequent hiring mistakes. Following these can help to ensure a company can run more successfully.

Do background checks

Before the interview, do your research and thoroughly check each candidate’s background. Check their social media, search for their name in an internet search engine, and don’t forget to contact the reference that the candidate provides. The goal is to find out the candidate’s history.

No company wants to accept employees who have a bad history joining their team, because it will affect team performance and company image.

Determine the position qualifications

Before determining qualifications, be sure to discuss what kind of candidates are needed by the team. After knowing the full extent, you can finally determine the skill requirements, experience, and values ​​needed for the job so you can determine the ideal candidate. After getting several candidates that might be qualified, don’t forget to discuss each candidate’s profile with the relevant department.

These qualifications also need to be spelled out in the job advertisement. This is to minimize candidates who do not meet the written requirements. Transparency is necessary if you want to hire the correct individual.

Use more platforms to post the job vacancy

Expand your search area to attract more candidates. This can help you open doors to more people and thus it will help you diversify your workforce by including people with a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

There are lots of websites that you could utilize to post about your job vacancy. Always use several of them, don’t just stick to one. Remember, the job posting should also be listed on your company site, thus it can be more trusted by the candidate.

Run a skill test

Ask candidates to take a performance appraisal to measure their hard skills and required knowledge. Remember to focus on the candidate’s practical and technical skills.

Ask candidate to take a personality test

For certain positions such as senior managerial positions, ask candidates to take a personality test to assess their soft skills and personality. This test is also useful to find out whether the candidate matches the company’s values ​​and culture. Employees who are not aligned with the company’s culture will not last for long and could even hamper team productivity.

Using a checklist of questions for interviews

By making a checklist of questions to ask during the interview, the recruiter and the candidate will understand each other what they are looking for.

This checklist is useful for determining whether the candidate is qualified or not based on the answers and values ​​given by them.

Follow all the stages of the interview process

Make sure you follow every step of the recruitment process before deciding to hire a candidate. Ensuring all steps have been covered can help to prevent hiring errors. Even if you’re in a rush to fill the position, bypassing a hiring phase could lead to the wrong person being chosen.

  • Personalized cover letter

Every candidate should have a covering letter when submitting to your job posting. By studying their cover letter thoroughly you can get a sense of what kind of person you will be dealing with. You can also determine whether the candidate has created a personalized cover letter or using a generic one.

  • Pre-interview calls

After getting a short list of potential candidates, you should conduct pre-interviews over the phone or through video chat. In this stage, you can interview the candidates and get information about them based on how they communicate verbally and visually.

The pre-interview may also shed light on some new details about the candidate that they might not put on their CV or cover letter. For instance, if your business appreciates charitable work, applicants may have experience in these activities without listing them on their resumes.

A new company or startup can definitely use these tips we’ve curated to find qualified employees. For a newly established company making sure the right team is behind the company is definitely very important. 

Aside from that, the new company must work on several other important aspects of the business, ensuring the company is legal to operate id equally as important. Check out WealthBridge to get the ultimate support for your business!

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