How to Avoid Sales Burnout

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Everyone wants to be a salesperson and have a great career. It takes a lot of work to make that engine turn. Salespeople must be positive and motivated in order to succeed in a competitive market. It can be stressful and exhausting to keep up with this pace. This is true not only for an individual worker but for a b2b lead generation service as well.

This has led to more than 67% of sales employees being at risk of experiencing burnout. You can avoid sales burnout by being aware of the signs that could lead to it. We recommend incorporating a few strategies into your daily routine to make it enjoyable.

What is Burnout in Sales?

Burnout can be described as a mental or physical state. Salespeople are often exposed to stressful situations and can easily become burnout. Salespeople are often in close contact with demanding clients. Sometimes even the most skilled salesperson will have to deal with rejections. When it happens, try to stick to a philosophical approach. In b2b digital agencies there often happens a staff turnover which results in the lack of emotional stability.

Sales are like a marathon. To finish the race, you must stay motivated and fit. Sales reps can become irritable and refuse to run the race if they are subject to various triggers. Besides, sales stress can lead to frustration, stress, and even a quit. While the pandemic and subsequent transition to working at home might have triggered a burnout response, are there other factors? Well, they are to some extent coincide with those typical for other jobs.

  • Constant overtime tasks
  • Monotonous activities within a workflow, like an appointment setting, trading guidance, etc.
  • The lack of motivation from the team leads
  • Negative feelings from constant failures and refusals

Thus, it becomes important to track down the signs of burnout as soon as possible to avoid devastating psychological consequences in the future.

What Causes Sales Burnout?

Sales burnout isn’t just due to a lack of sleep and a heavy workload. Many salespeople lose the line between their work and personal lives. This is a clear sign.

A recent survey conducted by Mental Health America found that over half of respondents engage in unhealthy behaviors in their personal lives in order to manage work-related stress. Both spheres are closely connected and dependent upon each other. Here are the useful tips you might take advantage of.

1. Stay connected 24/7

Salespeople view their job as more than a job. Most of their time is spent developing relationships with prospects and finding new customers. It is now more difficult for salespeople not to be connected via technology. This can result in salespeople staying up late and not getting enough sleep. They may also be constantly checking their emails and phones, which can lead them to burnout. A solid b2b lead generation company knows how to optimize the working flow to avoid overtime shifts.

2. The COVID pandemic

B2B has been most affected by the global pandemic. HubSpot reports in 2020 that sales turnover rates were three times higher than other industries. It was more difficult to achieve targets and close deals due to the economic downturn.

B2B International Research found that 58% of respondents said they were concerned about the B2B market’s sales and revenue. Salespeople feel a huge mental and emotional loss due to the market uncertainty. So, it’s necessary to spend less time by the computer if possible since it causes a bad influence on both eye health and psychological comfort. Your lead generator won’t be running smoothly if you don’t take care of your health.

3. Unrealistic quotas

The business world had to adapt to the new pandemic that hit when the economy crashed. Sales faced new economic conditions, budget cuts, and other challenges. This climate is still challenging for salespeople, which has led to an increase in turnover due to burnout trying to achieve unrealistic expectations.

4. The latest technologies

Many people find it difficult to adjust to digital technologies and new ways of doing business in an industry that is constantly changing. Salespeople can feel overwhelmed if they don’t have the right guidance or training to learn new skills and perform their job effectively. It can be frustrating to get caught up in technology. However, it’s absolutely necessary to do that.

Let’s take e-mail deliverability, for example. It’s difficult to understand whether your outreach messages don’t find their last refuge in the spam box without special software. If you want to get new business leads, make sure to implement means of automation into your working process. Folderly allows you to improve your email campaigns in terms of potential prospects you receive from each letter. The in-built spam-checker is a pleasant additional bonus.

Signs Of Burnout

Salespeople are typically highly competitive, motivated and passionate about what they do. It might be easy to spot signs of burnout among this committed group.

It’s not always easy. It’s sometimes not obvious until it’s too late. For example, burnout signs have increased by 33% at the sales office, a continuing problem that should not be ignored. Here are some signs.

1. Insufficiency of motivation or interest

People who are burned out become more cynical, less focused on their professional goals, and more skeptical. They find their job tedious and don’t see any joy in it. Sometimes they become annoyed at the simple tasks of daily life or by their coworkers.

2. Low productivity

Burnout can cause difficulty in concentrating. It is now difficult to do what was once easy. This will most likely result in lower performance.

3. Physical exhaustion

Chronic emotional exhaustion can lead to physical symptoms such as fatigue, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, headaches, and other problems. Burnout may indicate that someone is absent for multiple days.

Such signs can be typical for any b2b digital agency where people are strained and oppressed by improper regulation from high-tier managers.

Keep Your Spirit High and Sales Higher

It takes hard work to succeed in the sales industry. It can be very challenging, but it can also be rewarding. To achieve success, it is important to take care of yourself. It’s difficult to get back on track once you reach the brink of sales burnout. Knowing the signs and how you can avoid them will help keep your job exciting and focused. But what should be done if your team is already on the verge of burnout? Here are a few possible steps to take:

1. Organize New Team Members Properly

When new staff members come to work they often happen to be lost and misled by a whole bunch of new duties. Some senior managers don’t pay attention to the fact that this person hasn’t got much experience so far. They want all tasks to be done no matter what it costs. As a result, new recruits just feel their “incompetence” and suffer heavy moral pains deep inside. Your b2b online lead generation will be as effective as all members of this process. Always keep that in mind.

2. Encourage Open Conversations about Burnout.

It’s a bad idea to keep problems undercover. Encourage breaks. Encourage mental health days. Don’t make reps afraid to admit they’re burned out, and let them alleviate it in their own way. Then help them crush it and succeed when they get back to it.

3. Lead by example.

Your team will model your behavior as a leader — good and bad. If you practice habits that lead to burnout, your team will not feel comfortable taking the steps needed to take care of themselves when burnout is on the horizon.

Final Thoughts

Burnout is a natural part of any job or career path. As a manager, it’s part of your job to be on notice when burnout is a threat to your team and the overall growth of your company. Be proactive about it using a few of these tips, and you’ll enjoy a healthy work environment, happy salespeople, and steadily increasing revenue.

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