How to Beat the Heat at Home If You Live Somewhere Warm

Living in a nice, hot climate is enjoyable for many because of the bonus of skipping those dreaded fall and winter months. Not having to shovel snow, avoiding paying for winter tires, and being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt year-round definitely has its advantages over colder climates. The only problem when it comes to living somewhere warm year-round is that the sun isn’t always your friend, and for that reason, you need to know how to beat the heat.

Even when you’re at home, you have to stay cool. It can cost a lot of money to be running your A/C day and night to keep yourself from frying, but there’s more to it than just using a home cooling unit. Being able to enjoy yourself at home means understanding the tips and tricks of avoiding the heat as much as you can, so check out these helpful pieces of advice that will make your life easier.

Cover up your patio.

Enjoying the patio is part of what summer is all about. Unfortunately, the patio can get sweltering hot if you don’t keep it covered. With Alumawood Patio Covers Phoenix, the backyard experts show how simple it can be to be protected from the sun. They help cover the patio, so that the sun doesn’t heat up the concrete, brick, tile, or stone, and you can enjoy the outdoors in peace. One of the best benefits of certain kinds of patio covers is the ability to open and close them like shutters to control how much sun exposure you get. If you love somewhere hot, this is definitely a worthy investment.

Keep the windows closed.

It might seem tempting to open up your windows to let air flow in, but you could be doing more harm than good. This is especially true if you live somewhere humid. You’ll be letting in a lot of moisture, which makes the inside of your home incredibly sticky, hot, and gross. Even if you live somewhere with dry heat, you’re still making it harder to keep the home cool. Once the heat is in, it gets harder to keep the house cool, and if you use an AC system, it will take a lot to cool it down, which is taxing. It might seem strange, but keep the windows closed.

Turn off lights during the day.

Another odd one is toning it down with the lights. Keeping lights off helps save energy, but also helps reduce the heat that’s produced. Lights like incandescent bulbs produce more heat than LED or fluorescent, but the amount of light can still do it. During the day, try to keep light use to a minimum and try to get natural lighting instead. This will help you stay cool and help you save money on energy bills, which helps a lot if you plan to use an AC unit.

Stay hydrated.

A general rule of thumb for a healthy life is to keep hydrated, and it couldn’t be more true if you live somewhere hot. Staying hydrated not only keeps you from developing symptoms like migraines, heatstroke, or dry mouth, but it also keeps the body regulated temperature-wise internally. If you can drink enough water while you’re at home, you’ll be able to handle the heat better. This is a good piece of advice to remember for people who need the extra reminder to get their 8 glasses a day.

Avoid using the oven too much.

The oven produces a lot of heat, obviously, but what you might not realize is that it can heat up the home immensely. It’s not to say that you need to avoid using the oven altogether, but you need to know that using it every day or for extended periods of time, especially while it’s hot out, can really make the home a heat trap. A hood vent is really good for keeping the heat from spreading, and you can always open a window a little bit to get some of it out, but try to use it later in the day when the temperature drops, and it doesn’t feel as overwhelming indoors.

Plant trees outside.

Plants provide free shade and they look great, so planting some coverage outside can be a helpful way to change the comfortability of your home. The problem with planting trees is the obvious fact that it takes a while before they mature, but depending on how tall your home is, you could be getting good results in just a few years. Similarly, you can pay to transplant trees that are already grown, which saves a lot of time. Not only do the trees help you keep cool, but they also help make the house look more natural.

Clean or change air filters regularly.

The final piece of advice is very relevant to those that have an AC unit like HVAC. If you want to make sure that the air is both clean and cool, you need to be sure to clean out or change the filters regularly. There’s a reason why the maintenance people tell you to do this, and it’s not just to keep the unit from getting damaged. Changing out these filters or cleaning them, if possible, clears out the gunk or dust that builds up, which allows for a better flow of air. The better the airflow, the cooler the air you can expect. The double-whammy of fresher air is good for your health, and it will keep you from cooking inside your home.

If you live somewhere hot, you know how enjoyable it is to never have to worry about snow shoveling, finding a warm winter jacket, or driving on icy roads. What you do know is how bad the heat can get. While it’s nice to wear shorts and shirts all year, you need to keep cool at home. Using these simple tricks, you can easily beat the heat from the comfort of your house.

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