How to become a fashion blogger in 2023 and how much is possible to earn

Since the internet has become accessible to most of the population, the way we find information and make purchases has radically changed.

In fact, nowadays, people tend to consult the web to find prices and products, but also to find out about promos and what are the current trends.

This digital revolution has obviously led to an evolution also in the fashion world, where we’ve seen an exponential growing of the fashion blogger profession.

In this article, we will explain who a fashion blogger is, what he does, how to become one and how much you can earn!

What does a fashion blogger do

A fashion blogger is a fashion enthusiast who is seen by his audience as an expert in the sector, following advice and buying what he recommends.

To earn from this passion, use a blog, or a personal website where you can create content related to fashion.

There are different types of fashion blogs: some focus on accessories, others on clothing and some on fashion in general, so if you’re wondering how to become a fashion blogger, know that all you need is to create a blog and start publishing articles about it to this passion of yours!

Nowadays it’s very simple to create a blog and above all pretty cheap; you can create your own website with less than 4$ dollar, if you pick the right webhosting.

How to become a fashion blogger

As mentioned earlier, to become a fashion blogger you will need to create your own personal website, using web hosting and a platform such as WordPress or Wix.

Nothing prevents you from also using a Youtube or Social profile (like Instagram or Tik Tok), but a personal blog remains the best choice and the cheapest investment among the various choices.

If you want to become a fashion blogger, follow these simple steps:

– Create your personal website, WordPress is highly recommended if you’re a beginner

– Add the main pages of your blog (Homepage, Contact, About me and Blog)

– Create articles about the specific niche you’ve choosen

Having said that, the fundamental requirement to become a fashion blogger is obviously to have knowledge of the sector and passion in this field, otherwise you will end up tired after the first articles and throw in the towel.

How much does a fashion blogger earn

Now we come to the most important question: how much can a fashion blogger earn?


There are many factors at play: how many visitors we have monthly and how many actually become customers who buy, if and how we managed to monetize our blog, what kind of products we sponsor (whether inexpensive or luxury brands, etc.).

To give you an idea, however, a blogger is a business online that can be able to earn from a few hundred euros a month up to tens of thousands of euros!

In fact, a blog is really an excellent source of income, if managed well, since compared to past years where it was seen as a personal diary, it is now a website where you provide solutions and answers to the problems and questions of our audience, who will buy the products we sponsor.

So, if you monetize your blog correctly and you don’t give up at the first difficulties, you can make it a real online job.


Becoming a fashion blogger shouldn’t be seen as an unattainable goal, as they all started from scratch and without an audience for their website.

It will not be a goal that you will reach overnight, but if managed correctly, a fashion blog can make you earn money online and allow you to make it your new job!

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