How to Become a Successful Airbnb Manager

The short-term vacation rental industry is growing internationally, and Airbnb management businesses are thriving in many countries all around the world. These companies or individuals provide their services to property owners who wish to turn their apartments and houses into passive income sources.

The main benefit of this niche is the demand for the services. The number of investors who are willing to enter the market but are not ready to perform all the duties related to managing an Airbnb is growing every day. The companies providing such services usually have no issues with finding new clients, especially in large cities.

Another significant advantage of this business is its stability. It might sound counter-intuitive, as short-term rentals are subject to constant fluctuations in demand, but it is not a significant factor for an Airbnb management company. These entities are always ready for such shifts in demand. The stability is provided by the contract with the property owner: it is usually signed for multiple years, allowing the business to secure a long-term client.

Last but not least, the risks associated with starting such a business are extremely low compared to the risks of launching an Airbnb on your own. The manager does not have to invest in property, which is already erasing a massive entry barrier to the short-term rental industry. Even in case the rental experiences a shortage of demand, only the property owner is facing losses. The worst-case scenario for a management company is that it will have to look for another client.

Responsibilities of an Airbnb Manager

To understand the responsibilities of an Airbnb manager, it is reasonable to analyze the services of companies like HeartHomes that are already successful in this niche. Those who wish to become a manager can simply apply for a job in one of these companies while aspiring entrepreneurs can use these businesses as examples for their own companies.

The first group of responsibilities of an Airbnb manager relates to the interactions with the customers. One of the most important tasks a manager has to perform on a regular basis relates to communicating with potential and existing guests on Airbnb. It includes answering messages, greeting the visitors in person, and being available for contact at all times in case the guests have any questions.

It is also necessary for the manager to keep the booking calendar updated. It is especially true for rentals that are listed on multiple platforms: it is important to keep the calendars synchronized. Expectedly the manager is also the one to handle check-ins and check-outs.

Another important part of the job is property maintenance. Managers rarely clean the rentals themselves, but it is still necessary for them to schedule cleaning services every time a guest checks out and calling technicians every time something needs to be fixed. The manager also controls the listings, meaning they have to adjust prices and handle all the marketing procedures to attract new guests.

Which Skills Do You Need to Learn to Become a Successful Airbnb Manager?

The first and the most important set of skills that defines a good Airbnb manager is the ability to communicate with people. It is vital to have great communication skills to build beneficial partnerships with property owners and to provide guests with a positive experience throughout their stay at Airbnb.

The manager also has to be extremely organized and punctual. The guests will expect them to be available during working hours and quick to fix any issues that might occur. Organizational skills also come to help when the manager has to manage the listings and the booking calendars, since these tasks have to be performed meticulously every time.

Marketing skills are also extremely important for a manager who’s responsibilities also include finding new guests. It is vital to understand the market and be able to outperform other short-term vacation rentals in the region in order to maintain high occupation rates.

Last but not least, the manager should possess knowledge of all local legislation relevant to the short-term rental and hospitality industries. Not only is it necessary to provide the services legally, but it is also important to know the rights and liabilities when it comes to any disputes with the guests.

How to Start an Airbnb Management Business?

There can be two approaches to entering the Airbnb management market. The first option is the easy one: it is perfect for those who are only looking for a job in the industry. To become a short-term vacation rental manager, it is enough to find a local company that provides these services and secure a position in it. Major cities usually have multiple Airbnb management companies that are operating in them, so finding a job opportunity should not be extremely tricky.

Those who want to start their own business in the niche will expectedly have to overcome more challenges on their way to success. The process of establishing an Airbnb management company can be universally broken down into the following steps:

  • Preparational studies;
  • Legally registering a company;
  • Finding the first clients;
  • Managing the property;
  • Expanding the business.

The first step of the process requires the aspiring entrepreneur to perform a thorough research of the market they are about to enter. On top of that, it is necessary to discover relevant legislation in the particular region of operation before moving forward with starting a company.

Just like the hospitality industry laws, the process of registering a company is different in every country and in every region, so entrepreneurs should be prepared to learn everything about it. Acquiring the clients is more straightforward and universal: the entrepreneur will need to find a property owner who wants to turn it into an Airbnb but does not want to manage it.

After securing the first client, it is necessary to start fulfilling the responsibilities that were previously covered in this article. Whenever the business becomes sustainable and successful, the entrepreneur should consider expanding it.


The short-term rental industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. People who are not ready to invest in the actual properties have the option to become individual Airbnb managers or start their own management companies. The business is difficult and has a ton of challenges that you will have to overcome, but it is equally rewarding for successful managers.

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