How To Become Blockchain Developer: Step-by-Step Guide 2023

Becoming a Certified Blockchain Developer is a challenging but achievable goal. This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of becoming certified. It is essential to start with the basics and gradually build your knowledge and skills. 

First, you need to understand what Blockchain is and how it works. Then you need to learn how to code in one of the popular Blockchain programming languages. After that, you need to gain experience by working on real-world projects. Finally, you need to pass the certification exam.

If you are willing to put in the effort, becoming a certified Blockchain Developer is within your reach. 

What Is a Blockchain Developer?

A blockchain developer is someone who builds and maintains blockchain applications. They are responsible for designing and implementing blockchain solutions and ensuring that the applications are secure and efficient. Blockchain developers must have a strong understanding of cryptography, consensus mechanisms, and software development.

For becoming a blockchain developer, you need to have a solid foundation in computer science, mathematics, and software engineering. You also need to be familiar with the cryptocurrency landscape and the principles of blockchain technology. Another effective way to acquire additional skills to become a certified blockchain developer is by enrolling in a comprehensive blockchain developer training program.

With the advantages and benefits that Blockchain offers over other systems, this intelligent distributed ledger technology has the potential to completely transform and reinvent a wide range of industries, sectors, and businesses in the near future. For those who are interested in technology or who want to learn more about blockchains, the technology undoubtedly provides a wealth of opportunities.

What Skills Do Blockchain Developers Need?

In order to become a certified blockchain developer, you will need to have a strong understanding of cryptography, data structures, and algorithms. You will also need to be familiar with the Ethereum platform and be able to write smart contracts in Solidity. Finally, you will need to have experience with blockchain development tools.

A more profound grasp of blockchains and more clarity on the fundamental blockchain ideas are the goals of the Certified Blockchain Developer course. The program’s goal is to give the certificate holder evidence of their level of understanding of the blockchain industry through extensive instruction and exam-based testing. If you are able to acquire these skills, you will be on your way to becoming a certified blockchain developer.

Choosing the Right Blockchain Platform

When choosing a blockchain platform, it is essential to consider your needs and requirements. There are a few different platforms to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most popular platforms, but there are others, such as Litecoin, Ripple, and EOS.

Bitcoin is the oldest and most popular platform for digital transactions. Ethereum is newer than Bitcoin and has more functionality, including creating smart contracts. Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin but has better transaction speeds. Ripple is designed for financial institutions, and EOS is a new platform that is still being developed.

It is important to consider your preferences and capabilities to decide which platform is right for you.

Essential Courses for Becoming a Certified Blockchain Developer

One of the most important steps in becoming a certified blockchain developer is to complete the essential courses. You should start with a course that teaches you the fundamentals of programming, such as C++ or Python

After that, you should learn how to use blockchain-specific technologies like Ethereum and Solidity. Depending on your preference, these courses can be completed online or in person.

Additionally, you should ensure that the course you choose covers more than just the basics, so you can thoroughly understand blockchain technology and its many applications. Work with the top game development businesses in the world.

Building a Network and Applying for Jobs

You could also start building a professional network by attending events and webinars related to Blockchain development. This will not only provide you with valuable insights into the field but also give you an opportunity to connect with other professionals and possibly land a job.

Once you have built your network, you can apply for various blockchain development positions. It is important to research the jobs available in the industry so that you can tailor your resume and portfolio accordingly. Additionally, applying for an internship could be a great way to gain experience and develop the skills required for your desired job role.

Earning a Certification as a Blockchain Developer

To become a certified blockchain developer in 2023, you must complete various certifications. Below we are listing some of the best blockchain certification programs and courses.

Certified Blockchain Developer

A self-paced, 15 hours long comprehensive course that explains everything – from coding to developing to code deployment through Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

Certified Blockchain Architect

Self-paced, 12 hours, completely online certification course that will teach you all about corporate and enterprise-specific Blockchain development practices.

Certified Ethereum Expert

A 5-hours, self-paced online course that focuses on everything related to Ethereum.

Certified Poygon Developer

A one-of-its-kind expertly curated course that teaches how to develop upon Polygon multi chains.

Each of these certifications is designed to ensure that you are knowledgeable of the inner workings of blockchain technology and can efficiently implement solutions. Additionally, there are various courses you can take that specialize in teaching blockchain developers how to write smart contracts, build decentralized applications, and more.


Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, and there is much opportunity for growth in this field. With the right skills and training, you can be at the forefront of this exciting new industry. Following this article’s step-by-step guide, you will become a certified blockchain developer in 2023. 

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