How to book a business flight

Business class flying is in a weird space right now. Since the pandemic, airlines struggled to fill seats, and it seemed that it’s mostly the economy seats that are selling again due to holidaymakers’ yearning for getaways.

The likes of JetApp, a private jet chartering service, always remained popular. This is because covid-19 restrictions impacted private flying much less than commercial business class flights.

Most countries have opened up again, but businesses have mostly adjusted to remote working, conferences being digital, and simply communicating online. So, if you’re still making a business journey, you may be sitting in business class with fewer passengers next to you.


When booking a business class flight, flexibility is the most important thing – but admittedly, it’s the most difficult. If you can, try and be as flexible as possible about the dates that you fly. Perhaps free up some calendar space before and after the trip’s events as a contingency regarding the day you fly.

This is because business-class ticket prices fluctuate wildly, and flexibility means you won’t be stuck overpaying for a bad deal. Furthermore, this has an added benefit that you won’t be as stressed out. Just because you have a business class ticket, it doesn’t make delays any less likely, so planning for this is important.

Low-cost carriers

Business class is available on more airlines than premium ones. Not all, but some low-cost airlines have a business class area in which you’re more likely to benefit from better food and drinks, power outlets, and more comfortable seating. Again, you may be one of very few people sat in this area, too. But, be sure to research them, because some low-cost airlines aren’t very accustomed to going above and beyond with their service, even with a business class.

1st class upgrades

One benefit of flying business class is that you’re far more likely to receive a free upgrade than those in economy. Simply ask at the desk when checking in, perhaps giving a reason why you may benefit from it greatly. However, if you don’t want to chance it, simply book your business class ticket at an airline that holds auctions for first-class tickets – in a situation where supply may outstrip demand, you could find some great deals here.

Loyalty schemes

Business class tickets are not cheap, and therefore you’re likely to accumulate good loyalty points or other rewards for certain loyalty schemes. Whether the schemes are for the airline specifically or your credit card company, anything is better than nothing.

Make use of the airport lounge

There’s really no rationality behind paying more for a business class ticket yet slumming it in the airport. In fact, it’s a dangerous idea because your flight may be delayed. Paying for a lounge when booking the flight (or likely your credit card provider or insurance may have a deal for you) will guarantee access to power outlets and stable internet. If you are expecting to get any work done in the airport, this is a must.

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