How to Brush While Wearing Braces: 7 Tips

Everyone who had braces might have wondered how to brush their teeth with braces on. Especially when there is a high risk of plaque if hard-to-reach areas are not properly cared for. Brushing with braces is no doubt difficult at first, but once you get used to it, it will be like brushing without braces. 

You will have to take care, as brushing the brackets and wires properly without breaking them can be tricky. At E&S Orthodontics, our dentists are committed to providing proper oral care instructions. Here are a few of the most effective brushing techniques while wearing braces:  

  • Pick the Right Toothpaste 

When you visit an orthodontist in Chandler, they may recommend a specific toothpaste that will help you. When you are wearing braces, it is best if you avoid whitening toothpaste. Instead, opt for the one that your dentist recommends. It will help prevent cavities. You can either use fluoride or fluoride gel toothpaste, which will help prevent bacteria. 

Plus, you can also use a fluoride liquid when you are finished cleaning. 

  • Rinse Properly

As the brackets and wires have gaps, food particles or debris might get stuck inside. After every meal, gargle with warm water to get rid of any food particles that may have clustered underneath. Rinse until all the food particles are no longer in your mouth. 

Rinse your mouth with good mouthwash after you have brushed your teeth. Doing so will provide enduring plaque and bad breath defence. 

  • Take Care of your Gums

You may experience minor gum sensitivity after receiving braces near you. However, it will go away quickly. As it does, ensure to brush not just your teeth but also the wires and brackets on the front faces of your teeth and your gums. 

It helps you get rid of debris and plaque that builds up there as well. 

  • Take your Time

Having braces means it will take some time and effort to brush your teeth. The built-in complications of wires and brackets can compel you to skip the important steps. But it is important to remember to brush with braces to make sure the best results in the long term. 

You can also consider using an electric toothbrush to make your work easier. 

  • Floss

Flossing in general is a very important part of the daily cleaning of your teeth, yet it is the most missed step. Especially when you just had braces in Phoenix, the challenge might be a little bit complicated. 

However, it is important not to skip this step as plaque, debris, and bacteria can become embedded between teeth and brackets, leading to gum disease. 

  • Brushing the Brackets

For the most part, brushing with brackets is just like brushing without them. You simply need to adjust your brush placement to get a good angle. 

Just make sure not to apply too much pressure, otherwise the wires or brackets might be damaged. With the electric toothbrush, dial back the intensity or switch to a regular toothbrush to take the pressure off the braces.  

  • Make it a Routine 

Once the braces are on, it is easier to miss the brackets on your teeth. To decrease the chances of plaque building up, make it a habit to brush your teeth after every meal. 

Doing so will help you avoid any future problems, and you will end up having not only straight teeth but also a pearly white smile. 

Finding the Right Orthodontist Near You

Knowing how to brush your teeth with braces is important if you want to avoid cavities, tartar build-ups and stains. If you have any questions about brushing your teeth with braces or are struggling to reach a particular spot, reach out to an orthodontist in Phoenix for advice during your next appointment. 

Make an appointment with an E&S orthodontist in Peoria to discuss your options. We will help you obtain a healthy, properly aligned smile. We also have an orthodontist in Glendale with a team dedicated to helping you. 

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