How to Build a Dental Practice?

The dental practice has been evolving as a highly competitive field in recent years. According to the research conducted in 2020, there are about 189,040 dental practices in the US. If you are a dental professional, starting a dental practice and even running it might be perceived as difficult yet it is very much manageable. However, what is truly difficult is building a dental practice. Building a business is distinct from starting it or running it. It requires much more than simply ideating and managing the operations of your business. Building your dental practice will actually help you stay afloat in the highly-competitive market and help your business to achieve the success you aimed for and beyond. 

You might love your profession and actually enjoy the treatment and services you deliver but the business aspect of it might be pulling you down. The dental profession is all alluring until you have a very low patient inflow such that you can’t even manage to fulfill your basic necessities. Unfortunately, the passion for dentistry and quality of services are never solely enough and seldom do coincide with running a successful company. 

Therefore; here we shall talk about the business aspect of dental practices and get fruitful tips on how to build a dental practice. 

1] Set your practice apart from the competition

The easiest way to eradicate the tough competition or stand tall through it is by framing strategies such that you actually set apart your dental practice from the rest. If you and the other dental practices are offering the exact same services; why should clients prefer you over the other? Contemplate the same and take your time to identify your unique competitive advantages. Make these advantages the focal point of running your business and attracting patients. Modify and enhance them for the better. Research what your ideal customer base expects from you and introspect how you can deliver that to them in a distinctive, brand-new way.

2] Attract and retain top talent

Your employees reflect your work culture and your holistic development. They are oftentimes the first point of contact with the patients so, it’s crucial that you attract, hire and retain highly proficient individuals. When your staff is satisfied, well-trained and works in unison, it gets demonstrated in the services you provide and enhances the quality of output. Educating yourself on how to foster a healthy work culture is as essential as learning dentistry if you want to build your dental practice. 

3] Expand your services

Building a rapport with your patients and generating loyalty in them is the most effective tool in making your dental practice successful. Equip your services with everything your patients need, so they can rely on you and approach you whenever you want. You can expand your services in adherence to the patient requirements. This can be done easily by getting rid of barriers that obstruct you from expanding like office space, the size of your staff, the equipment you use and so on.

4] Offer flexible financing like dental membership plans

Flexible financing alternatives are irresistible and get your patients to come back repeatedly. It has been observed that the exorbitant nature of dental treatments paired with less awareness about oral health often draws patients away from availing of dental health services. When offered flexible financing options, the patients are inclined to accept recommendations and actually show up.

Dentist membership plans are a very efficient way of getting patients to visit you on a higher frequency. These memberships are not only advantageous to the professional but also benefit the patient. Dental membership plans require patients to pay a month in advance. By seizing a dental membership plan, people can leverage the various benefits associated with it like preventative exams, approximately 10-20% off on other dental work and so on. As a professional, managing accounts of dental membership plans can become tedious in no time. Therefore, you must take the help of software that allows you to streamline the process of workflow. 

5] Facilitate seamless referrals

Referrals are the most convenient way of gaining and retaining patients. To build your business, you don’t only have to retain the existing patients but also attract new ones. When it comes to healthcare; most people research extensively and take referrals from trusted individuals. This is why facilitating seamless referrals is a necessity. You can of course ask your patients for feedback and request them to write reviews but you also need to be proactive and seek referrals.  For this, you could utilize online reviews, targeted mailings, in-office referral cards etc. 

6] Create balance

It has been commonly observed that professionals fail to maintain a balance between business and treatment aspects. It is easy to be tempted and carried away by the monetary logistics of your dental practice. But ensure you balance it with giving impeccable patient care. 

Building a dental practice is not without its difficulties. You might struggle, drown in self-doubt and experience a plethora of emotional ups and downs. But with a few tips, tricks, skills and determination, the sky is the limit! 

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