How to Build a Mobile App Development Start-Up in 2021?

In the current world, smartphones have been playing a very significant role in our lives. With the increased demand and supply of smartphones, there is also a higher concentration of mobile apps. Especially the business world today is surrounded by mobile applications. In the current times, if the start-ups have effective mobile apps, then they can grow at a very high pace rapidly.

According to 21Twelve Interactive, a top mobile app development company, the market for mobile apps has been expanding rapidly and bringing ever-increasing revenues over the past few years.

Here are a few stats which prove the growing importance of mobile apps:

Key Points Required While Building Apps

It is essential to make a robust development module for mobile apps for coming up with stunning mobile applications. The process of building mobile apps must include the following:

Analysis of the idea

This is the first thing that every mobile app owner should consider before starting to work on the app. An idea is the core base of the app, and it is something that affects the whole app. If the idea is not proper, then the whole process will collapse. The analysis for ideas for the mobile apps should compromise the following – market and competition analysis, country and region-specific analysis. If these are carried out properly, then there is no way a start-up can’t flourish eventually.

Planning Stage

A proper plan, when executed correctly, can lead the app towards the path of success. A business plan needs to have projected profits and losses, thereby establishing different assets and liabilities accumulated over time. Primary metrics which businesses can consider for mobile app development start-up – Survey and questionnaire, analytics, monetization strategy, Google trends etc.


Especially for start-ups, it is difficult to have a huge sum of capital right from the start; hence in-house hiring does become challenging. However, there is always an option of outsourcing. For example, hiring an experienced mobile app developer will be cheaper, and at the same time, they will be able to get proper development of their app. This is a cost-effective approach adopted by multiple start-ups.

Useful tips to ensure the success of the mobile app development start-up: 

 #1 Find the Core Problem

The problem with mobile app development start-up is that it primarily focuses only on the idea and forgets about the various other crucial factors which lead to the success. An idea alone is not enough to go hit out in the market and succeed. An app should be such, which can provide value to its audience, and this is possible through proper planning of the UI/UX, interface, and content of the app.

If you glance at the failed mobile app start-ups, you will realize that most of them did have an idea but failed to solve the problem, which was the biggest loophole.

 #2 Choosing The Right Platform

When there is a limited budget, and you look forward to checking if the idea is profitable or not, then it is human nature that you tend to look for some cheap ways to create the app. However, this is a big mistake mobile app developmentstart-up can commit, as price should not be the only factor to keep in mind. Other factors play a key role, and amongst them, user loyalty to the operating system plays an essential role.

While pondering which platform to choose, especially gutting stuck with IOS vs. Android, you must go with the market numbers. Also, remember, if you have a business model that includes paid features, you must know that IOS users are willing to buy apps compared to Android app users.

#3 Building of MVP for Idea Testing

Building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is Important for the start-up’s success. For mobile apps, MVP has proven to be one of the go-to-go solutions. This is because MVP contains some crucial features. Launching the MVP helps figure out whether the target audience is interested in the app or not and gives robust feedback in terms of overall app improvements.

With the emergence of MVP, mobile app development start-ups can validate the concept before finalizing the app with additional iterations. Various other benefits of MVP include – Rapid market launch, user feedback, product-ready decks for investors, affordable products. 


Creating a mobile app is something which is very common and usual, but creating successful mobile app development start-ups Is what is challenging today.

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