How to buy and sell on eBay from multiple accounts

In the world of online selling and reselling on eBay, you can find just about anything. Many people make money solely by selling goods and services on eBay, without even opening physical outlets. Since it happens online, a number of technologies are key. eBay is known for its uncompromising attitude toward enforcement of service rules by users and mercilessly bans accounts for violations. Bans can be temporary or permanent. In the latter case, the user will have no chance to restore the account and it is extremely frustrating if it was his profitable business, which he had been developing for months or years.

In order to get multiple accounts on eBay or to recreate an account when banned by IP, you need to use a proxy server. offers private server proxies at an affordable price. For the price of a cup of coffee, you’ll get a mechanism that could be key in shaping your eBay earning machine.

When eBay blocks or suspends an account, the blocking is tied to the IP address the computer and accounts are linked to, as well as the email address in the account, and the name (login) in the account. If you get caught using proxies, multi-accounts, or bots, all of your accounts will be banned. For this reason, you need reliable proxies that will provide anonymity and look like real users’ IP addresses. 

With proxies you will be able to do business in other countries, or open up new markets by selling to new customers, or in general access to eBay if it is not available in your country.

For buyers, on the other hand, proxies will be a source of endless discount coupons. Let’s say you’ll be able to activate a discount on your first order or the purchase of specific items each time. Given the paltry cost of proxies, each discount will be impressive. If you’re shopping on eBay, it would be reckless not to take advantage of this opportunity.

Tips for choosing proxies for eBay

Never use free proxies. eBay has one of the largest blacklists of suspicious IP addresses in the world, so your free IP address is probably already there. Even if you’re lucky enough to sign up, it’s only a matter of time before your IP gets on the ban list. Also, don’t rent shared proxies for eBay that are used by 1-2 people besides you. They are also at high risk of getting blacklisted by the trading platform. The best option is to set up your own eBay account with a private proxy, because if you get banned, it will be easy to recreate the account.

Server proxies are the way to go. offers them for a wide range of tasks and in a wide range of countries to rent. You can choose as many proxies of the right countries as you need. Rentals are offered from one month and more with subsequent prolongation. You’ll have no problems setting up the proxies in any browser and in any program because the technical support service is ready to teach you how to do it. 

  • With a proxy for eBay you will be able to:
  • Hide your real location.
  • Gain anonymous access to eBay.
  • Save money.
  • Get attractive deals.
  • Get bargains on promotional products.
  • Get regular discounts.

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