How to Buy Residential Aluminum Fence Panels

We all know fencing comes in numerous styles, however, most of buyers do not realize that these are available in different grades too. Based on consumer requirements and area of installation, we offer fences that cater to all of your needs. 

In this blog post, we will talk about types of fences along with their specifications to help you decide the most appropriate fencing material for your specific needs. 

Types of Fence Panels:

When it comes to fencing material, there are two broad types:

  • Residential Aluminum Fence Panels 
  • Residential Metal Fence Panels

So if you are unsure about which fencing material will work for you then stick to this article as we have curated all the details you will need to know in order to choose the right fencing material that inclines well with your needs.

Aluminum Residential Grade Fence Panels:

Betafence proudly offers a large selection of residential aluminum fences. A renewable energy enterprise presented a green solar energy business plan with the objective to supply clean and green energy. So, now you can add an aesthetic appeal to your ordinary backyard with fences that integrate premium design, functionality, and quality.


Aluminum fence panels are best suited for residential applications such as defining property lines, enclosing swimming pools and yards, and enhancing landscape designs.


  • Versatile Panel designs: Tru-view alu offers versatile panel designs which fix panels to the rack by following patterns in the grade. This feature makes it superior to other panels with exposed fasteners which can easily break or lose under load.
  • Standard picket style: Tru-view offers standard landmark picket style which makes it a durable and attractive leading aluminum fence for residential applications.
  • Quality Assurance: Tru-view alu panels are fixed with tubular posts through aluminum brackets leaving no space for rust and corrosion. At Betafence, panels are manufactured with premium-grade aluminum combined powder coating technology which provides enhanced weather shield and gloss retention under UV exposure.

Metal Residential Grade Fence Panels

If security is your top concern, then you can be better served with Betafence metal fencing made with strong, powerful, and resilient material perfect for providing protection at residential sites.


Although Metal fence panels are best suited for industrial applications; however, they can provide ultimate protection in securing your backyard, property lines, gating purposes, etc.


  • Premium Panel designs: Tru-view ornamental-steel fences are sturdier than aluminum ones, as they are manufactured with larger pickets, rails, and thicker gauge material along with metallic ribs for additional strength.  
  • Flexible styling and installation: Tru-view metal fences can be installed using three broad picket styles and a variety of brackets thus giving its users more control over the installation process. Moreover, the flexible installation allows for a smooth transition over different angles and slopes.
  • Quality Assurance: At Betafence, metal panels are galvanized which makes it well-protected and maintenance-free. Moreover, it is treated with multilayered polyester powder which prevents it from rusting and corrosion. 

Metal versus Aluminum Fences: What is right?

Though, aluminum and metal provide exceptional durability and are maintenance-free; therefore, they make up an excellent choice for selecting fencing and gating material.  However, both have their own pros and cons which make them appropriate for one application over another.

  • Composition: Aluminum panels are durable and lightweight, while metal panels are sturdier, heavy, and more resilient.
  • Styling: Aluminum panels offer a wide range of standard colors and color customization to choose from while metal panels are available in a few colors.
  • Value: Both, Aluminum and Metal offer incredible lifelong value due to low maintenance costs; however, the latter option is a bit more costly compared to the former one due to the resilient welded construction process and installation.
  • Resilience: Aluminum fences are impervious and less susceptible to corrosion while metal has a tendency to rust; however, our special protection layer prevents it from corroding. 
  • Protection: If security is your prime concern, then aluminum fences are not suitable for providing strong barriers or protection as they can be bent easily. On the other hand, metal fences are manufactured using a welded construction process, they provide ultimate security. 

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, there are some essential differences between metal and aluminum fences that need to be considered when deciding on an appropriate fencing material for your residence. This blog post is a one-stop guide that underlines functionality, durability, style, and cost differences that should be considered when choosing fence material for your home.

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