How to Choose a Digital Data Logger Thermometer for Temperature Management

First Of All, What Is A Data Logger?

As described by Adapt Ideations, a data logger is a device that records data over time. It can be used to track temperature, movement, or any other type of information. Some data loggers are built into devices such as smartphones, while others are standalone devices.

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To stay compliant, you’ll need digital data logging thermometers (DDLs). They have a built-in memory that collects the data every hour throughout the day and an alarm should the temperature deviate outside of acceptable ranges. This information may be downloaded for evaluation and reporting purposes. What you need in a digital data logger

What You’ll Need In A Digital Datalogger Tool


Knowing what a temperature monitoring device does and how it works is critical when attempting to achieve the main objective of your facility. These devices are used to warn people if something horrible has happened, such as a temperature rise. As a result, it’s critical to know how an alert will be delivered.

If the alert is visual, audible, as an email or a text message, and so on, a strategy should be put in place right away. Another key consideration is how the download is completed and whether it is suitable for certain workflows. The way data is formatted will have an impact on how quickly personnel can meaningfully analyze it.


When looking for a suitable monitoring device, the most noticeable feature to consider is compliance Make sure the deuce is in accordance with federal and state regulations and any applicable state or local laws.


The cost of the equipment itself should be recorded, but be aware of any additional accessories that are supposed to come with it. If all accessory prices, such as software and cable, aren’t considered from the start, there may be unforeseen increases. Calibration expenditures must also be considered.


It is beneficial to learn what type of training is offered for the device along with the included type of customer support. Due to the possibility of an issue arising with the device, it is important to know how online resources and customer services will be able to assist with any issues.

Add cloud monitoring

Using data logging thermometers with Wi-Fi or Ethernet cloud monitoring, such as PIXEL by ADAPT, can provide peace of mind and keep product temperature in check.

Users can use a cloud-based data interface to remotely connect a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer to refrigerators and freezers. Users may securely monitor parameters 24/7, control alarms remotely, access data logging history, run reports in real time, and grant access to other team members once the installation is complete. There is no need for local software to utilize a cloud-based data interface. Mobile push notifications, emails, and texts are all possible options.

Meet 21 CFR Part 11

TraceableLIVE fully-compliant premium subscription is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 for Europe. All of your devices are ISO 17025 certified. Traceable LIVE will immediately send you alerts if one of your devices detects an out of range condition, loses connection to the network, runs low on battery, or requires calibration based on your preferences.

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