How to choose a great online slot to play?

Slots are ideal for beginners. They rely on luck more than skill, and they are much more simplistic. If you can press the big “spin” button, you can play slots. There’s even an “auto-spin” button that keeps the reels spinning until they land at a winning payline. How do you choose an online slot though? We have 3D slots with immersive graphics, classic 3 reel slots with retro graphics, and more. It’s good to get the hang of all the different styles, but ultimately your first slot should be entertaining and simple.

Everyone loves watching the spinning reels, but there is much more than just the payout at stake. The sound, graphics, and overall enjoyment factor should be taken into consideration as well. Here’s what you should look at when comparing slots.

  1. Simplicity is Key

The best slots for beginners are the most simple ones. This is why we recommend that new players should begin with the old-school reel slots as opposed to newer games that are more complex. Basic slot machines will sometimes have only one reel, a few buttons and a few pay lines. Complexity can lead to frustration and disappointment. You’re looking to have a great time. Not to feel confused or overwhelmed.

  1. Graphics and the sound scheme

There’s something to be said for the more elaborate graphics you’ll find on newer 3D games. But if a game doesn’t catch your eye, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll enjoy playing it. A few great slots are themed after fictional characters from movies, such as the Hulk slot (the slot is a green robot with Hulk-like arm and legs who plays the game) or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The theme will largely depend on the game, but it’s always good to have something nice looking to look at while you play.

So what about the soundtrack? The music is supposed to be entertaining without being too distracting. Most modern slots have a pleasant sound scheme with drums or violins, which aren’t overly annoying. You’ll also hear special sound effects when certain things happen on the game.

  1. The slot’s average Return to player

The RTP (which is sometimes expressed as a percentage in the game) is a figure that tells you what your chances are of winning money if you play the slot for hours on end. Online casinos have RTPs that range from 95% to 97%, while land-based casinos usually have an RTP between 85% and 92%.  Find out which slots have the best chance of winning by comparing their RTP.

  1. Your personal preference

Some slots are just plain super fun to play, and you won’t be able to get enough of them. Others cast a gloom upon you, and you turn your back on them quickly. Your personal experience will tell you what a slot machine is good for.

  1. The online casino you’re playing at

Casinos love giving free spins to new players as part of their welcome package. In most casino, these free spins can only be redeemed on specific slots. It would be wise playing at these slots so that you can claim your bonus

  1. The gameplay

Slots with smooth transitions and a quick pace are more exciting to play. When a player presses one of the spin buttons and it takes several seconds for the reels to stop spinning, it can be off-putting, especially if there is no animation on screen to keep him entertained.

Many players find high-denomination slots more exciting than low-denomination ones, but a big payout is not necessarily the thing that keeps them coming back.

  1. The jackpot

This is one of the biggest attractions of playing slots online. Long gone are the days when a jackpot payout had to be in the thousands, or even hundreds, of pounds. Today’s progressive jackpots can be worth millions, and that’s not a typo!

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