How To Choose A Portable Monitor?

Today portable monitors have become popular. Demonstrating that they have multiple uses both in the office and at home. Lightweight and portable designs make them easy to move around.

With this blog, you can see the different aspects, such as features and benefits. And how to choose the correct portable monitor according to the use you want to give it.

Why choose a portable monitor?

The portable monitor is becoming a popular way to work, study, or play. It is a lighter version of a computer. Its design makes it portable to be able to accommodate it where you need it without difficulty, in addition to being the best alternative to connect with laptops or smartphones.

Having a lighter and smaller design than desktop monitors makes it easy to transport. They’re also a great way to enlarge your laptop screen. Increase productivity and enhance your entertainment experience.

Whenever you want to buy a portable monitor, make sure that it is what you are looking for. Be sure to choose whether you want the portable monitor for work, study, gaming, or other entertainment. Each of the features will lead you to make the best choice.

Features to choose the best portable monitor

Not all portable monitors are created equal. So, there are certain features to look for in order to find the right portable monitor for you. You will find that Fopo meets most of the required features. You can check it on the page


Size is an important feature of portable monitors. They are usually slightly larger than standard laptop screens. It depends on what functionality you give it. You will choose the ideal size.

Typically, a portable monitor is meant to be a second monitor. So you could use it as a travel monitor for work or school or entertain the kids in the car.

If you were going to use it for meetings or movie streaming, the size of the screen would not be too important.

But if you are editing photos or sorting thousands of lines of code. The size will become a very important feature in order to increase your productivity.

Screen clarity

The clarity of the screen is also another of the most important features.

Suppose you want to use your portable monitor to watch movies or have impromptu one-on-one meetings. You don’t need a 4K resolution.

But if you are going to use it for work where you are reviewing lines of code or editing images or videos. You’ll want a high-resolution IPS portable monitor for the best results and productivity.


When you choose your portable monitor, weight is also one of the characteristics. You should carefully consider the weight when you take the portable monitor to the office, school, or on a trip.

Weight of a pound or two may not be too heavy, but with a long way to go, like an 8-foot hike, it will become a strenuous haul.


Multi-connectivity has become one of the most important features in recent years. Due to the new ports that are constantly changing.

Suppose you can’t connect the portable monitor to your devices. Will it really work for you?

It could probably be useful to have HDMI support to connect it to TV or conference rooms. Or the new standard is a USB-C connection for faster charging of your device.

Also, it will be a great benefit to be able to connect the portable monitor to your laptop, PC, laptop, smartphone, or some game devices like Nintendo, XBOX, etc.

It is ideal for extending your screen and projecting some TV series, games, and videos or reproducing some presentations, works or photos, etc.

Screen protector

The screen protector is one of the most common features on many portable monitors.

Having a protective screen will not only prevent the screen from getting scratched quickly. But it will also give you constant protection wherever you take the portable monitor.

The durability of the portable monitor will depend entirely on the protective screen, which will protect it from scratches and minor drops.

After explaining, what are the main characteristics of being able to choose a portable monitor? You must remember that you must first decide how you will use it so that you can get the best possible benefit.

A portable monitor is most often used as a second desktop screen. However, you can provide the use you want for entertainment, games, meetings, etc.

Do not miss the opportunity to acquire your own portable monitor. And enjoy its multi-functionality in your office or at home.

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