How To Choose A Window For A Flat Roof?

Roof windows available for purchase can be installed on more than just pitched roofs. Window manufacturers offer attractive solutions for flat roofs as an alternative to skylights. Products designed specifically for flat roofs will allow for lighting of interiors where it is not possible to install standard windows.

What are flat roof windows made of? What should you pay attention to when choosing them?

Flat roof windows are typically made up of glass and an outer element, which can be a dome or glass section. When choosing roof windows it is worth to pay attention primarily to the outer element. It will have the greatest impact on the functionality of the glazing and the window aesthetics. It is worth knowing that the construction of a flat roof window guarantees very high thermal insulation parameters ‒ all the more so since you can choose from glazing with one, two or three-chamber glazing units. On sale, there are also quadruple glazing units ideal for passive buildings. Another option is glass partitions which include loft-style systems for both residential and commercial properties that can elevate your interior design.

Dome windows for flat roofs

Windows with a dome adapted for installation in flat roofs allow for illumination, and in some cases ventilation of rooms under the roof. Depending on the type, they can be opened or not. They are characterized by high anti-burglary properties. Glazed domes are made of durable polycarbonate, which is highly resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. The coating of the dome protects the window against the harmful effects of UV radiation. An additional advantage of the dome is that the window is easy to keep clean ‒ the convex shape makes sure that all dirt is removed from the dome along with the rain. Dome windows can be installed in flat roofs with pitch between 0 and 15 degrees.

Flat roof windows with a glazing unit

Windows with glazing units, which can be installed in flat roofs, are characterized by a perfectly flat glazing surface. They present a very modern and minimalistic appearance, discreetly merging with the roof line. It is worth mentioning the way in which this type of window is made. Innovative technology of glass bonding guarantees high durability of the window and its attractive appearance. Windows with glass units also ensure very high thermal insulation parameters, thanks to which they can be used in energy-efficient and passive buildings. Similarly to windows with a dome, versions with a glazing unit are available in an opening and non-opening version. Windows of this type can be installed in roofs with a pitch between 2 and 15 degrees.

Roof hatches

Hatch windows are opening glazings that provide safe and convenient access to a flat roof. They can open to a minimum of 60 degrees, to the right or left side. Most of them are equipped with a mechanism which prevents the window from latching. In addition to serving as a technical access to the roof, roof hatches can also be a good way to lighten the interior. Their construction is similar to windows with a dome. They can be installed in roofs with a pitch of between 0 and 15 degrees.

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