How to Choose CBD Lotions, Creams, and Salves

CBD lotions and creams are cannabidiol-based products. Thousands of people all
over the world, who take CBD topicals, claim that it works as a pain reliever and is
effective for anxiety and insomnia. CBD components lack psychotropic effects and
are similar to a mental and physical state after a yoga class or meditation. In an
always stressed and overwhelmed society CBD has become a consumer trend in the
western world and is opening its way to the east.

What is CBD oil, cream, or lotion?
CBD oils, creams, and lotions are basically substances infused with the concentrated
form of CBD obtained by CO2 extraction, which is the purest way to obtain CBD. The
main fallacy about the CBD is that it can get the user high, however, this substance
does not have the mentioned effect or addictive characteristics. These substances
are used on the skin and do not enter into contact with the bloodstream. CBD
creams do not give the drug test positive as they are used in the upper layers of the

Why and how should CBD oil, cream, or lotion be used?
There are many beneficial and positive conditions of why to use CBD. First of all, it is
completely natural and organic. It has anti-inflammatory effects whether it is taken
orally or applied topically. All-natural CBD topicals for pain relief can be a good
alternative to chemical painkillers with many side effects. CBD topicals are used to
allay chronic pain, muscle pain, swollen joints, arthritis. The application is similar to
that of any other oil, cream, or lotion.

Which is the difference between CBD oil, CBD cream, and CBD lotion?
CBD cream is applied directly to the area where the pain is perceived. CBD creams
have a localized effect, meanwhile CBD oil is ingested and does not provide a local
effect, but an overall relief. CBD oil provides less intense pain relief throughout the
body. CBD oils are antioxidants, that is why they should be included in the skincare
menu. CBD oils are also recommended for fatigue, weariness, exhaustion. CBD
lotions are intermediate essences in between CBD creams and CBD oils. CBD
substances also have anti-aging properties and make the skin look smoother.

How do the CBD topicals act?
When CBD topicals are applied to the skin they interact with the CB2 in the human
body. This interaction provides a signal to the endocannabinoid system to reduce
inflammation and pain. In addition to the pain-relieving effect, all-natural CBD topicals
also treat several skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and skin infections.
It also helps to constrain the accumulation of dead skin cells and relieve pain and
itching caused by skin infections. The application is the same: if the problem is local
then creams are advised to apply, if the problem is not local then oils are more
recommended. Some people claim that the result after the application of CBD
creams is immediate, others allegate that after a few times of application the pain is

CBD and The Pain

Chronic pain – chronic pain is intense pain in the body which lasts for more than
10 weeks. Sometimes there is no clear definition of the reason for chronic pain. It
can be caused because of a sleep disorder, an injury, sprained back. There is no
technology to diagnose this kind of pain and find a solution to it. However, it is
proved that the use of CBD pills or the application of CBD lotions or creams has helped heal the pain.

Menstrual pain – some women suffer from irregular menstruation or menstrual pain.
There is no reliable cure for menstrual pain. CBD oils help to reduce the
inflammation and as it is believed the menstrual pain is caused normally by an acute

Arthritis – Arthritis is a strong pain of joints. It causes inflammation and age can
get more and more severe. It reduces body movement. This is because inflammation
causes pain and CBD, as mentioned above, has anti-inflammatory properties.
Cannabinoids are being investigated as an effective treatment for autoimmune
diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. The systematic use of all-natural CBD topicals for pain
relief has been proved to be very reliable elements and alternatives to other
anti-inflammatory substances.

Which is the dosage of the CBD to be applied?

The amount of CBD creams and oils to be applied depends on the kind of product used. Creams are more consistent that’s why they should be applied less than
lotions. CBD creams are applied locally meanwhile lotions can be applied to the
whole body or larger area of the body. Using Creams or lotions is very comfortable
because there is no danger of overdose and there is no waiting time between
It is not recommended the application of CBD topicals on the damaged or injured
skin where the upper layer is suspected to be flawed.

Where to buy CBD?

CBD is available online. There are many CBD brands available online. Nevertheless,
make sure the product is authentic before buying it. Make a research on the brand
ask your doctor about the product and for more recommendations. Fake CBD can be
very dangerous. A genuine CBD product is not cheap, however, avoid overpriced

Are there any secondary effects?

No significant secondary effects have been detected after the usage of CBD creams
or lotions. Sometimes, the skin is allergic to the other substances included in the
creams or lotions. It is recommended to read carefully the ingredients of the product.
By no means CBD creams or lotions must be ingested. If there are more doubts, it
would be better to consult with the doctor.

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