How to Choose Drupal Developers for Your Website?

Finding a professional full-stack Drupal developer in 2023 might get challenging. The increasing number of web developers appears on freelance platforms daily. And then the question arises: how to choose a reliable and skilled specialist from among a great pool of profiles?

Today, Drupfan explains what qualities should a dedicated web developer possess and how to hire Drupal developers for your website. Stay tuned!

Roles of Drupal developers

First and foremost, you need to understand what type of work needs to be done on your website (design and UI, functionality building, or both).

Drupal frontend developer is responsible for the design, theme development, and UI building. Drupal backend developer is accountable for the development of functions and logic. A full-stack developer (usually a senior specialist) can do both.

Key tips for hiring the best Drupal developers for your site

  • Ask about experience in the Drupal industry.

How many years has a developer been working with Drupal? 3+ years of experience are obligatory to be able to work on his own.

  • Check the developer’s portfolio or cases.

Does a developer have a similar project in his portfolio? It’s better to choose a specialist who has worked on the alike project before.

  • Read the reviews and testimonials from previous employers.

What do other people say about his work? Were they fully satisfied?

  • Ask for certificates.

Non-obligatory but might be a bonus.

  • Ask about contributions to the Drupal community.

Not necessarily but might be a bonus as well. A person who has contributed to the Drupal community might have a better understanding of the usage of specific modules.

Choose the right Drupal developer today

Here at Drupfan, we have gathered a team of experienced Drupal specialists with extensive expertise both in frontend and backend development. Our professionals are available for outstaffing to fill the gap in your house team. Hire Drupal developers at Drupfan and forget about all the fuss concerned with the digital part of your business.

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