How To Choose The Best Digital Menu Solution For Your Bar 

The digital menu is the new trend in the bar and restaurant sector. Customers like this new way of browsing menus and contacting a waiter.

Clients benefit from speed and simplicity combined with technological features such as QR (quick response) codes, NFC (near field communication), and geolocation. 

In addition to these immediate benefits, some restaurateurs also appreciate the possibility of communicating a new image with the opening of a restaurant, an after-work place, or a trendy bar. They can also use this technology as a way to promote their business.

Therefore, you should know how to choose the best digital menu for your bar to enjoy the above benefits. Below we explain how to do that:

  • Work On The Concept First

A digital menu should not be seen as an after-thought or just a ‘gadget’ that you can add to your restaurant. On the contrary, it must be fully integrated into your business strategy and operation. 

Therefore, it is necessary to understand first what you want to do with this technology before you plan to get one. You should consider the needs of your customers/clients, the goal you want to achieve, and whether this technology justifies the effort in terms of productivity and profitability.

  • Keep It Simple

Simplicity is absolutely vital when choosing a digital menu solution for your bar. Please do not overdo it with the options and features; you want to keep it simple and intuitive so that your customers can easily learn how to use it. 

You should also provide a demonstration for your waiters, so they know how to help their clients browse around the online beer menus and find what they want. A simple menu is also easier to be updated which is very important, especially when you are in the industry of food and drinks

3. Keep It Attractive

The design of your digital menu or online ordering system is an essential part that customers will see immediately and is what they will initially interact with before any other feature. 

Thus, it should reflect well who you are and what your bar/restaurant is about. At the same time, it should be used so that your customers can find what they want efficiently.

4. Get Creative

With digitalization, creativity is now easier as it is now possible for you to include various multimedia content such as pictures, videos and even live feeds from your kitchen or bar. 

You can also use the QR codes, which allow customers to download menus on their smartphones and order directly through mobile apps.

5. Invest In A Reliable Solution

You should note that technology goes far beyond just offering digital menus or mobile apps for your bar. It is the whole system that makes the difference, which includes software, hardware, and support. 

Therefore, it is essential to select a company with broad expertise in this field that will provide you with technical support when required.

You can easily cut the costs of a digital menu short if you choose to hire a managed service provider as they will take care of all the expenses related to technology, such as hardware and software.

6. Monitor Your Progress

Last but not least, once you have decided to have a digital menu system, you can start tracking how it is being used.

You should note that most of these systems provide reports related to traffic, orders, and even revenue so you can see what’s the impact of having one in your bar/restaurant. 

As for determining whether it is worth it or not, there are various return on investment (ROI) calculators that you can use, or ask your suppliers if they have one.

As you can see, there are many benefits that the best digital menu system can offer for your bar. Therefore, it is crucial to know precisely what you want to do with this technology before investing in one.

In choosing a solution, you should pay attention to the creative side of your digital menu, as this is what will attract customers. The system must also be reliable and allow you to monitor progress at any time.

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